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Industry Briefs

Industry Briefs

Why Choose Digital Element for Your IP Geolocation Provider?

Whether your goal is to create an instant connection with a first-time site visitor; to drive revenue for online marketing campaigns; or to ensure that content is in the right hands, IP geolocation technology is the solution to take your online interactions in the right direction—toward a closer relationship with your online audience.

Top 5 Mobile IP Targeting Myths

From accuracy concerns to doubts about viability, here we break down and dispel the top five most common myths and concerns around IP targeting of mobile devices and explain why IP targeting is becoming increasingly more important than ever in today's fast-growing mobile world.

IP Geolocation Myths and Facts: Setting the Record Straight

Though IP geolocation technology has been around for over 13 years and is widely used across the globe in a variety of applications, there is still a certain aura of mystery around exactly what this technology is and what it can do. Further, many companies have had experience dealing with an IP data provider whose data just did not live up to its promise and have therefore become disillusioned with the technology’s potential for their business.

Top Criteria for Selecting an IP Geolocation Provider

Many companies claim to provide some form of “IP geolocation data”; however, there are vast differences between providers in the technologies they employ and service models they deliver. When selecting an IP geolocation provider, ask the following questions to make sure that the vendor you select is right for your business.

How IP Intelligence Is Used to Detect and Prevent Online Fraud in Latin America

Global e-commerce sales are predicted to reach $4 trillion in 2020, making up 14.6 percent of total retail spending, according to eMarketer. In Latin America, the e-commerce market is expected...

Latin America: IP Intelligence and the Internet Broadcast Revolution

The rise of the internet has revolutionized the broadcast industry. The days of a fixed program schedule delivered through a small number of terrestrial TV stations are long gone, and broadcasters need the ability to...

Latin America IP Geolocation Applications for Mobile

The advent of the smart phone and tablets has driven an explosion of mobile devices, and the number of people across Latin America using their mobile devices to access the internet is set to grow by 50 percent by the end of...

The Power of Where: IP Geolocation Applications in Advertising in Latin America

As digital advertising booms in Latin America, using IP geolocation technology to add deeper context to ads is proving more powerful than ever. Currently, total advertising expenditure in Latin America is projected to...

How to Secure Online Content and Access in Today’s Device-Laden World

A dramatic increase in the usage of mobile devices coupled with the escalating popularity of on-demand content has created a connected world where companies must be significantly more wary about protecting their digital...

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