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Latin America IP Geolocation Applications for Mobile

The mobile industry has come a long way since Motorola invented the mobile phone in 1973. The advent of the smart phone and tablets has driven an explosion of mobile devices, and the number of people across Latin America using their mobile devices to access the internet is set to grow by 50 percent by the end of the decade.The overall number of unique mobile subscribers in Latin America is forecast to reach 524 million by 2020, making it the second-fasted growing global region during the period after Sub-Saharan Africa.

Identifying location and other connection characteristics of mobile consumers helps companies deliver more contextually relevant advertising and content. IP geotargeting can target virtually 100% of traditional wired traffic and over 80% of mobile device traffic at a city/postcode level, with the remaining 20% of mobile connection traffic location-targetable at a country level.

Why care about the mobile customer journey?

  • Mobile engagement cuts into TV time.
    Those who are connected to the internet spend more than 37 hours on all devices weekly, versus 7 hours in front of the TV.
  • Mobile apps introduce new users to the internet.
    On average, Latin Americans own at least 17 apps.
  • Mobile plays a key role in online purchases.
    66% of smartphone users made a purchase from their devices within the last six months.
  • Mobile video viewership continues to grow.
    61% of mobile video viewers watch short videos at least daily while 41% watch long videos once a day.

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