Reverse Geocoding

GeoMprint is Digital Element’s reverse geocoding solution targeted at mobile device traffic, converting a device’s raw location coordinates into more useful geographic information. This information allows clients to target mobile users with unmatched accuracy and reliability, bringing context to on-the-go interactions.

Turn Raw Latitude/Longitude Data into Actionable Insights

Leveraging our unique Mobility Index™, which indicates whether an IP is fixed or mobile, and our machine-learning methodologies, we have made the missing connection between stationary and on-the-go consumers, their locations, and the points of interest around them.

Key location information returned by GeoMprint includes ZIP/Postal codes, City, Country, Time Zone, and more, enabling clients to localize content, deliver targeted ads, prevent online fraud, manage geographic rights, and more.

Coupled with NetAcuity, GeoMprint allows for more comprehensive mobile targeting across connection types, meaning clients deliver localized messages to both online and mobile users alike. Furthermore, POI data can now also be returned from latitude/longitude inputs.

What is Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding?

Find out more about what Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding is.

What is Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding?

One Solution, Endless Applications

  • Nearest Location

    GeoMprint can be easily integrated into mobile apps and websites to allow on-the-go consumers to find the physical locations of retail stores nearest to them.

  • Real-time Targeting

    By turning a mobile user’s raw lat/long coordinates into actionable location data, GeoMprint lets you deliver more relevant, targeted content and messaging to your audience.

  • Geographic Rights Management

    Ensuring compliance with digital licensing rights is more crucial now than ever for content distributors. GeoMprint helps you control access to digital content in any region, regardless of device.

  • Fraud Prevention

    Detect and prevent online fraud by leveraging real-time mobile user information to analyze behavior patterns and strengthen identity verification.

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