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August 22, 2018
NetAcuity was recognized as the industry’s most accurate and trusted IP geolocation solution, as the winner of a 2018 MarTech Breakthrough Award for Best Geolocation Platform.

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October 15 & 16 — New York, NY
Digital Element will be at Programmatic I/O at the New York Hilton this month to exhibit the very best in IP Intelligence and geolocation solutions.

Customer Success

Success Story: AdTheorent integrated NetAcuity into their advertising platforms and saw tremendous accuracy improvements in audience targeting at state, DMA, and ZIP code levels.

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How IP Geolocation Can Help Companies Protect and Make Money from Their Intellectual Property

In this exclusive IBC interview, Charlie Johnson talks about how IP geolocation can help media companies protect—and make money from—their intellectual property, and explains how media owners can stay ahead of those trying to consume content illicitly, including on mobile devices.


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