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Enterprise-Grade IP Intelligence & Geolocation

Leverage context-rich IP intelligence data, including geolocation, proxy, and vpn insights to improve decision-making.

Leading Brands Trust Digital Element

Leading the IP Intelligence space for over 20 years

IP Geolocation and Intelligence

Unrivaled Accuracy & Precision

Accurately geolocate an IP address down to the postal code/ZIP level. Accuracy is more than 97% at a city level and 99.99% at the country level – worldwide.

IP Geolocation and Intelligence

Comprehensive Global Coverage

Our data covers 99.9999% of all seen IP addresses, with support for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

IP Geolocation and Intelligence

25 years of Experience

As the pioneer and global leader of IP geolocation technology, we are the expert at harnessing IP intelligence data for diverse applications.

Comprehensive IP Intelligence

Digital Element offers the most comprehensive IP intelligence data sets. Our NetAcuity and Nodify solutions deliver a wealth of insights and information beyond geolocation to support advanced applications in geo-targeted advertising, content localization, compliance, fraud detection & prevention, cybersecurity, digital rights management, and more.


IP Geolocation & Intelligence Data

Accurately identify the location of an IP address down to the ZIP+4/postal code level and uncover numerous contextual information such as Connection Speed/Type, Mobile Carrier, Demographics, Home or Business, ISP, ASN, Domain, Company Name, and much more.


Proxy & VPN Intelligence Data

Detect Proxy & VPN connections, including those from Residential Proxies. Get rich contextual information surrounding Proxy & VPN services and IP addresses to make smart decisions about what traffic to permit or block.

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