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Digital Element Adds Deterministic IP Address Metadata to Nodify Product

New IP Characteristics database harnesses IP address metadata, brings contextual IP address data to supercharge insights, and enables greater protection against the challenge of location obfuscation and identity masking.

Five Ways IP Intelligence Data Helps Broadcasters

Broadcasters must have accurate data that ensures they deliver the right content, while personalizing the user experience, and protecting the digital rights of content owners.

Featured Article

While residential IP proxies have some positive use cases, they also have several ones likely to make MSPs nervous.

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Featured Spotlight

Affise Talks Campaign Uplift with IP Data

Dmitry Zotov, founder and CTO of Affise, discusses how the use of Digital Element’s IP intelligence and geolocation data gives clients increased conversion rates and better quality of traffic, while helping his performance marketing technology company stay more competitive.


What Does IP Location Mean?

IP location and intelligence data provides geographic location and new insights based on a user’s IP address. This allows for precision targeting and optimization in a privacy-sensitive manner, and provides other actionable insights for a variety of applications from ad targeting to analytics to fraud and security applications and more.

Visit our Geolocation page for more information on IP location technology and the benefits it can provide to your business.

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