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Geolocation for Content Localization

IP Targeting Tools to Create Powerful Connections

When decisions are made within milliseconds, one-size-fits-all content is no longer sufficient in terms of engaging site visitors. To capture eyeballs, leveraging NetAcuity® IP Intelligence and geolocation data allows companies of any size to customize content, language, currency, products, promotions and more, thus encouraging visitors to spend more time actively engaged on a website — and increase the chance of moving a user from research to action.

Digital Element’s NetAcuity IP Intelligence and geolocation technologies accurately and non-invasively identify the location of website visitors down to the ZIP and postcode level worldwide, and identify other attributes such as user connection type, whether the user is a mobile user or is behind a proxy, providing the information needed to instantly serve  more relevant content and improve the user experience.

What IP Intelligence Can Do For You

  • Enhance the Shopping Experience – Customize website content, language, currency, products and promotions to create an instant connection that will have consumers spending less time searching for products and services and more time buying
  • Simplify the Customer Experience – Leverage location-based data to deliver the right content at the right time, such as automatically delivering foreign visitors to country-specific sites
  • Increase Online Revenues – Provide targeted merchandise and messages to increase response rates by as much as 300 percent
  • Drive Offline Revenue – Use targeted promotions and coupons to drive online traffic to make offline purchases at the nearest store or service location
  • Identify Mobile Users – Target WiFi-enabled connections with location-specific information to move visitors along in the sales cycle with relevant content and promotions

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