Success Stories

Success Stories


ShopRunner Relies on Digital Element's NetAcuity Pulse Plus to Enhance Members' Shopping Experience


Everflow incorporates Digital Element’s NetAcuity EdgeTM solution into its performance-marketing platform.


VUBIQUITY Relies on Digital Element’s Accurate IP Geolocation Data for Worldwide Video Digital Rights Management


PostUp Effectively Uses Digital Element’s Hyperlocal IP Data to Improve Engagement for Email Marketing Campaigns


AppsFlyer Trusts Accuracy of Digital Element’s IP Data to Improve Mobile Attribution and Help Prevent Fraud


Dynamic Advertising Platform Achieves Unrivalled Targeting Precisions with Digital Element’s IP Geolocation Technology


Extraordinary TV for Everyone: How YouView Used IP Intelligence to Enable ISP Set-top Box Features


AdTheorent Taps Digital Element to Enhance Location-Based Targeting and Geolocation Accuracy for Mobile Advertising Clients


Digital Element Offers Expanded IP Geolocation Targeting to Help Turn’s Fortune 1000 Marketer Clients Make Smarter Online Advertising Decisions.


Tapad Generates 7- to 11-Percent Lift in Click-Through Rates―Across Multiple Devices―With Digital Element’s Versatile IP Geolocation Technology.


Digital Advertising Company Undertone Uses Leading IP Geolocation Technology to Deliver More Personalized and Localized Brand Experiences Across the Web.


Europe’s Leading Online Video Ad Serving Provider Gives Advertisers Increased Engagement, ROI Using Digital Element’s IP-geolocation Technology.

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