Dynamic Advertising Platform Achieves Unrivalled Targeting Precisions with Digital Element’s IP Geolocation Technology


The ability to target the most receptive and relevant audience is crucial in order to execute an effective advertising campaign and optimize budget allocation. As a specialist in data-driven marketing and campaign planning, Crimtan recognized the need to provide its advertising clients with the most accurate and detailed audience data.

Digital consumers own and use 3.64 connected devices today―from laptops to smartphones to tablets and wearables. Research indicates that quickly emerging innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes and telehealth will connect an additional 17.6 billion devices to the internet by 2020.

This multi-screening phenomenon is driving a greater need for fast and reliable connectivity, leading many users to choose Wi-Fi over their mobile network data. An increase in Wi-Fi usage presented an opportunity for Crimtan, a UK-based global advertising technology company, to provide more precise geographic location insights that would enhance campaign performance.

“We wanted to take our targeting capabilities to a new level, going beyond targeting postcode areas to identify and engage individuals in specific locations, as well as expanding our reach on mobile,” explained Rob Webster, chief product officer, Crimtan. “With clients across the UK, Central Eastern Europe, Russia, The Middle East, and Australia, we understood the importance of utilizing new connections to help clients capture the appropriate global audiences. By providing more in-depth insights, we wanted to significantly increase the appeal of our offering.”

In order to stay ahead of the competition, Crimtan chose to deploy an advanced IP geolocation solution from Digital Element to provide its clients with granular audience insights across devices.

The Solution

Crimtan launched its partnership with Digital Element in 2013, deploying the geolocation provider’s NetAcuity Edge™ solution to provide greater geographic targeting for its clients. Upgrading to NetAcuity Pulse™ in 2015 was therefore an obvious choice for Crimtan to increase reach, accuracy, and targeting within postcodes around the world.

“Integrating NetAcuity Pulse into our advertising platform, RAMP360, enables us to target both connected and mobile traffic more effectively,” said Webster.

NetAcuity Pulse leverages a network of IP location information, derived from Wi-Fi-connected mobile traffic, billions of on-device-location transactions and internet infrastructure analysis―allowing the technology to generate unprecedented audience insights. Precise yet respectful of user privacy, the NetAcuity Pulse method is based on where an individual is located at a specific moment in time, regardless of device. This provides Crimtan with a comprehensive view of valuable details, such as the type of hotspot in use, the geographic location of users in real-time, and whether or not a connection is made through a Wi-Fi network.

Through advanced Wi-Fi targeting, Crimtan now helps its clients achieve higher revenues, better ROI and stronger consumer engagement, as well as significantly reduce waste.


For Crimtan’s digital advertising clients, the data provided by Digital Element’s NetAcuity Pulse solution facilitates unrivalled geographic targeting precision across a range of devices. Advertisers can deliver localized campaigns that always reach the right users, at the right time.

The solution has already enabled three Crimtan clients to improve advertising efficiency:

  • Tourism Website: Crimtan’s analytical tool, Architect™, utilized Digital Element’s geolocation technology to evaluate visitors to a local tourism website. While visitor figures indicated significant user activity in Scotland, Tyneside and the North West, the dual analysis of Digital Element and Crimtan’s data sets allowed the company to pinpoint the location of those showing the most interest. The tourism website was able condense its marketing efforts to focus on visitors to within 80 miles of Oxford―reducing costs, improving efficiency and providing a stronger ROI.
  • Holiday Parks: Crimtan used Digital Element’s technology to conduct an exploration of potential visitors for the owner of seven holiday parks situated southwest of England. The results showed that users most likely to visit the company’s site were located southwest of a line drawn from Chester to Canterbury, excluding greater London, as well as in Mid Wales and North Wales. This new insight empowered the holiday parks to understand and target the specific areas that would benefit from local advertising, leading to greater efficiency and improved ROI.
  • Railway Services: Using an Architect analytics pixel on a southern railway service website, Digital Element and Crimtan were able to discover the location of users interested in using the service for their journeys. The process enabled the company to define and target prospective customers using their postcode―improving the accuracy and relevance of its advertising activities.

Webster added, “It is fantastic that Digital Element continuously updates its technology to provide more accurate and far-reaching data, helping us to stay a step ahead of our competitors in providing a valuable service to our customers.”

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