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Digital Element Offers Expanded IP Geolocation Targeting to Help Turn’s Fortune 1000 Marketer Clients Make Smarter Online Advertising Decisions


Turn Inc. has been transforming the way Fortune 1000 marketers and their agencies make advertising decisions since 2006. Every day, the Turn Cloud Marketing Platform makes over 75 billion advertising decisions and analyzes more than 1.5 billion customer attributes. Its robust architecture provides instant access—responding within 10 milliseconds—to over 2 trillion display, mobile, social, and video advertising impressions every month.

From audience design and campaign planning to real-time optimization and just-in-time analytics, the Turn platform centralizes and utilizes data from multiple sources to enable smart choices, precise control, and improved ROI for advertising budgets large and small. Geographic location, in particular, plays a major role in delivering more precise advertising.

“Consumers are spending more of every day connected to the Internet, on multiple devices, and that means they’re generating enormous quantities of data—data that provides unparalleled value for marketers,” said David Simon, business development director, Turn. “Geographic location plays such an important role in the offline world that our clients demand best-in-class geotargeting solutions that are scalable and globally applicable for their online campaigns.

“Specifically, Turn needed to find a best-in-class solution that could deliver geotargeting capabilities based on IP addresses. Not to mention, it was looking for a provider that would continue to evolve its geolocation technology to meet the growing needs of an ever-changing online advertising marketplace. In 2008, Turn first added Digital Element’s NetAcuity® IP Intelligence solution to its technology platform, then followed up with the addition of its hyperlocal NetAcuity EdgeTM dataset, and has most recently expanded to the company’s mobile product. “After studying the market both in 2008 and now, Digital Element continues to prove that it has the most reliable and accurate global data coverage,” said Simon.


Digital Element was evaluated against other top providers in the marketplace and selected because it delivered the most accurate and deepest data elements among the group. Additionally, the fact that NetAcuity was used by most third-party ad servers played heavily in Turn’s decision because it reduces the likelihood of counting discrepancies for its clients. According to Simon, “Accuracy and ease of integration as well as depth and breadth of datasets were the key reasons we chose Digital Element’s technology. Additionally, the company’s unmatched global coverage, excellent brand recognition, and superior customer support contributed substantially to our decision to use Digital Element’s IP-based solutions as we expanded our business to address customers’ demands and the changes taking place in the online advertising landscape.” In addition to geographic information, Turn is utilizing many of Digital Element’s other IP datasets, such Internet Service Provider (ISP), connection type, and mobile carrier network, to enhance the performance of its clients’ targeted advertising campaigns. “The addition of Digital Element’s technology has helped us to accurately process IP addresses to drive results for our clients,” said Simon. “Clients can accurately target location, carriers and connection type with confidence.”


Even though the online advertising industry continues to evolve, significant inefficiencies still remain. However, companies such as Turn will continue to develop advanced technologies to help optimize performance, provide more control and insight, and produce greater profits for advertisers and publishers alike. Already providing the only single-platform advertising technology available on five continents for digital advertising strategy and execution, Turn continues to increase its global footprint. Additionally, Turn looks forward to the expansion of Digital Element’s mobile data sets. Simon added, “Mobile is quickly evolving the online advertising market, so accurate and privacy-compliant solutions will be very important as this channel develops.”

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