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Industry leading IP Geolocation and Intelligence Data

Accurately pinpoint geographic locations of IP addresses at the country, region, city, and ZIP+4/Postal Code levels, and uncover key insights to drive better results.

NetAcuity sets the standard for enterprise-grade IP geolocation

IP Geolocation and Intelligence

Unrivaled Accuracy & Precision

Accurately geolocate an IP address down to the postal code/ZIP level. Accuracy is more than 97% at a city level and 99.99% at the country level – worldwide.

IP Geolocation and Intelligence

Comprehensive Global Coverage

Leverage data that covers 99.9999% of all seen IP addresses, with support for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

IP Geolocation and Intelligence

Comprehensive IP Intelligence Data

Access over 20 databases to construct the most complete and contextualized understanding of IP addresses, without compromising user privacy.

Understand Audience Context Beyond Geolocation

Uncover key insights beyond geolocation, enabling you to build better targeting profiles, optimize content localization, manage content rights, detect and prevent online fraud, and more.

Our data uncover numerous other insights, including Autonomous System Number (ASN), ISP, Mobile Carrier, Demographics, Language, Time Zone, Proxy/VPN Details, Longitude/Latitude, Nearby Points of Interest, Home or Business, and Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA).

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Uncover Valuable Business Insights Behind an IP Address

Our B2B Insight databases provide organizational and company information tied to IP addresses, including Company Name, Domain Name, Organization Name, and NAICS Codes.

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Get up and running in as little as 20 minutes.

  • Implementation options include API-based server software, a flat-file download, or a high-performance cloud service.
  • Our solution can be used as a standalone product or can be seamlessly integrated within existing enterprise IT platforms.
  • All common programming languages and computing platforms are supported.
  • We provide 24/7 customer support.

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