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Digital Element first introduced its NetAcuity IP geolocation technology to the market in 1999 and has driven its evolution into the world’s leading location targeting solution ever since. Initially focused solely on geolocation information about online users, the company continued to push the envelope and coined the phrase “IP Intelligence” to describe the more than 39 data points offered to clients to create more impactful online interactions.

With the introduction of NetAcuity Edge™ in 2009, Digital Element further solidified its place as the market leader by introducing the only global, validated, hyperlocal zip/postcode data set. Today, the company continues to push the boundaries and has introduced the industry’s only mobile-centric IP data – NetAcuity Pulse™ – to help better connect with users regardless of device type.

Digital Element processes hundreds of billions of IP geolocation lookups per day for its clients, who include the world’s leading ad networks, brands, publishers, social media sites, retailers and more. And while many companies claim to provide some form of IP geolocation data, there are vast differences between providers in the technologies they employ and service models they deliver, with Digital Element offering the industry’s only MRC-accredited IP geolocation data.


AppsFlyer Trusts Accuracy of Digital Element’s IP Data to Improve Mobile Attribution and Help Prevent Fraud

Geolocation Applications

Digital Element’s NetAcuity geolocation and IP Intelligence technology is used across industries for a range of applications from content localization to ad targeting to fraud prevention.

Companies can now leverage a single IP geolocation solution to accomplish numerous online initiatives, whether the goal is to create an instant connection with a first-time site visitor; measure engagement with an online audience; ensure that content is in the right hands; or to shore up online security measures.

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