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Additional Audience Insights

Understand Audience Context Beyond Location

While NetAcuity was first built upon geolocation data, it has now grown to uncover crucial user insights in a wide variety of other ways. Combining these new databases of different insights lets you paint a full picture of exactly who your online audience is, giving you the power to reach and interact with them quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

These extended databases include Autonomous System Number (ASN), Demographics, Language, Time Zone, Domain Name, Company Name, Organization Name, SIC/NAICS Codes, Home/Business types, and Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA).

Business Insights Behind an IP Address

Our B2B Insight databases provide organizational and company information tied to IP addresses, including Domain Name, Organization Name, SIC/NAICS Codes, and Home/Business information.

Uncovering Local Demographic Data

The Demographics database provides other key information for the area in which an IP address is located, with fields including DMA rank, number of households, breakdown of men and women by age group, and more. Additionally, the Language database allows you to see both the primary and secondary languages used in an IP address’ country of origin.

Digital Element also offers a Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA) database, providing additional demographic insights in the United States.

Get Started with Additional Audience Insights

Going far beyond a simple return of location data is of key importance for crucial business decisions whether that be for marketing and advertising, attribution, audience analysis/consumer segmentation, authentication, or a variety of other use cases.

Combined with the geolocation data that comes with our NetAcuity solution, these additional user insights enable you to paint a complete picture of your online audience and alter the strategy and timing of how you interact with them.

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