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Online Fraud Detection

Detect fraud and stop unauthorized access with IP address intelligence data

Digital Element’s IP intelligence and geolocation data provide crucial context and insights about IP addresses, enabling the effective differentiation between genuine consumers and potential fraudsters or bots.

Advantages of Digital Element’s IP Intelligence in Combating Fraud and Reducing Risk

  • Enhance Risk Assessment – Boost fraud prevention efforts with comprehensive IP address insights and proxy/VPN intelligence data, essential for evaluating and minimizing the risks linked to unauthorized account access.
  • Shore Up Fraud Controls – Leverage real-time user information to strengthen identity verification, such as flagging account access from unusual or high-fraud areas.
  • Proactively Identify Threats – Detect proxy/VPN connections, including residential proxies, and examine IP addresses with contextual data that helps determine relative risk. We maintain the world’s most comprehensive and up-to-date proxy and VPN database.
  • Comprehensive & Scalable Data – Choose from 21 distinct data sets to leverage the IP intelligence data required for varying strategies.

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