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AppsFlyer Trusts Accuracy of Digital Element’s IP Data to Improve Mobile Attribution and Help Prevent Fraud


App stores are saturated. More than 4 million apps currently exist across various platforms today. It is becoming increasingly difficult for app marketers to acquire new customers and monetize at the same time. The apps market is constantly changing, making ongoing measurement a requirement―if a company wants to remain competitive in this industry.

AppsFlyer, the global leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics, has emerged as the mobile measurement industry standard because it empowers advertisers with unbiased and transparent attribution analytics driven by reliable, accurate and impactful data. With 11 global offices and a more than $6 billion in measured annual mobile ad spend, AppsFlyer serves thousands of clients around the world from agencies to brands to app developers―all who depend heavily on the company’s data integrity to optimize their campaigns.

“Everything is moving toward mobile, and the dynamics in the mobile app marketing and advertising ecosystem are in overdrive,” said Eran Lefler, vice president of projects at AppsFlyer. “To be successful in the app market, everything must work together, from the utility of the app to the overall user experience. However, measurement is the key in terms of companies being able to enhance their messaging efforts and maximize their return on investment.”

According to Lefler, geographic data plays―and will continue to play―an important role in AppsFlyer’s mobile attribution and analytics solutions. “As a data-driven company, we are focused on the accuracy, reliability, integrity and security of the information we use―and we were not getting the level of service we needed from our previous geographic data provider,” he said.

After noting prominent partners were using Digital Element, among them Google and several leading ad networks, AppsFlyer made the decision to utilize Digital Element’s IP data within its mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform.

The Solution

AppsFlyer decided to deploy NetAcuity Pulse™, the revolutionary IP targeting solution that allows clients to more effectively target both mobile and connected traffic. NetAcuity Pulse leverages a network of IP location information, derived from mobile traffic, billions of on-device-location transactions and internet infrastructure analysis―allowing the technology to generate unprecedented audience insights. Precise yet respectful of user privacy, the NetAcuity Pulse method is based on where an individual is located at a specific moment in time, regardless of device.

According to Lefler, the decision to deploy NetAcuity Pulse was an easy one. “We evaluated Digital Element’s data using our existing API and the coverage, response time and accuracy rates all tested out just as described. From there, integration into our solutions was quite easy and straightforward,” he said.

With NetAcuity Pulse, AppsFlyer now has the accuracy, reliability and granularity it needs from a global coverage perspective to confidently provide clients around the world with the necessary geographic information to make more informed decisions when it comes to marketing and monetizing their apps.

AppsFlyer has also recently added Digital Element’s proxy data to help the company actively combat mobile fraud by identifying responses from non-humans as well as uncover other uncertainties around advertising traffic.

“Mobile ad fraud is a real and growing problem,” said Lefler. “Our active fraud solutions are designed to give mobile marketers the clarity and confidence they need to optimize their campaigns and improve their overall performance.”


Digital Element’s IP data has proven to be a “very valuable component” within the AppsFlyer analytics dashboard.

AppsFlyer Dashboard 1
For example, AppsFlyer’s clients can see where app installs and activities are occurring throughout different regions in the world.

AppsFlyer Dashboard 2
The “Right Now” dashboard feature shows app installs/downloads and engagement activity in real time. It’s a dynamic graphic that updates every five seconds.

Other AppsFlyer clients that have benefited from Digital Element’s IP data include:

  • Software Company – One of the world’s top software download sites that creates mobile apps to help people get more out of its technology worked with AppsFlyer to help manage and optimize all its campaigns in real time. Specifically, the value and retention data provided through AppsFlyer proved especially important to the software company’s product team―allowing it to understand how user behavior differs across mobile and desktop, and across geographic regions. This allowed the company to diversify its user acquisition sources and optimize both its marketing and product performance.
  • Social Casino Operator – A leading social casino operator used AppsFlyer’s raw data reports to help avoid mobile fraud and decrease fraudulent installs. By analyzing the AppsFlyer reports, that included operating system (OS), device type, IP address, and country of origin, the operator was able to use this information to better identify fraudulent traffic. It was also important for the company to have reliable mobile attribution in order to identify which ad networks were performing well and better understand where the good installs were coming from.
  • Mobile Security and Optimization Company – A leading mobile security and optimization company set out to bring in new users and improve user retention through an aggressive multi-market, multi-pronged PR campaign. AppsFlyer’s attribution and analytics solutions helped the marketing team manage more than 100 local campaigns, providing an easy and efficient way to attribute users while measuring and optimizing their campaign performance along the way.

“New technology is emerging all the time which not only creates new opportunities but also new challenges,” said Lefler. “As long as mobile app delivery continues to grow and evolve, there will be a constant need for measurement down to very granular levels. Accountability and effectiveness will be key for us to continue to serve this marketplace, with our success built upon the integrity of the data that we use.”

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