Audience Context Solutions

Add Context to Every Interaction

The NetAcuity solution suite extends far beyond just geolocation data—Digital Element offers a variety of databases uncovering other crucial audience insights, including nearby points of interest to a consumer, VPN and proxy identification, demographic information, and more.

Unmatched User Insights

  • VPN & Proxy Identification

    Detect and prevent malicious IP address masking, and enable greater control over the distribution of your digital content.

  • Carrier Data

    Enable stronger targeting of mobile users based on ISP, mobile carrier, mobile country code, and mobile network code information.

  • Additional Insights

    Gain insight into the domain names tied to given IP addresses, companies and organizations associated with them, ASN, demographics, and more.

VPN & Proxy Identification

Detect non-human traffic, control the distribution of online content, prevent online fraud, comply with legal/embargo restrictions, and more with the world’s most comprehensive and up-to-date proxy database.

The VPN Proxy database provides additional insights about proxy hosts, helping clients address the problem of malicious IP masking and enabling them to have greater control over their online channels.

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Carrier Data

Identify and target mobile traffic with our ISP and Mobile Carrier databases. Along with detecting the mobile carrier that an IP address belongs to, this database also includes Mobile Country Codes and Mobile Network Codes for additional mobile targeting.

More InfoTurn (ISP), YouView (ASN and ISP)

Additional Insights

Further define audiences with an array of IP-based data including domain and company name, home/business, language, ASN number and more.

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Privacy is Priority

Compliance with privacy laws and standards around the world is more important than ever, and Digital Element is proud to put user privacy first. All information is gathered completely anonymously, without using cookies or tracking users’ online behaviors―helping you stay GDPR compliant. No personally identifiable information is ever collected or stored.

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