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Digital Rights Management

Enforce Digital Rights Management with Industry-leading IP Intelligence

Whether it’s keeping content pirates out or letting subscribers in, Digital Element’s IP Intelligence solution enables your team to confidently enforce digital rights.

Enforce content licensing agreements with confidence

  • Ensure Compliance – Comply with license and copyright agreements with IP geolocation accuracy that exceeds 99.9% at the country level and surpasses 97% at the city level, globally.
  • Optimize Global Content and Advertising Delivery – Ensure the delivery of localized ads and content regardless of the targeted geographical area’s size.
  • Detect and Mitigate Threats from Risky IPs – Swiftly identify traffic that is associated with VPNs, proxies, or darknets.
  • Enable frictionless experiences – Identify and block proxies and VPNs, preventing unauthorized access without disrupting legitimate users.

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