Digital Rights Management

Geolocation for Content Rights Management

What is Digital Rights Management?

With the rapid increase of digital piracy through peer-to-peer file sharing and other forms of digital exchange program, the need to protect digital assets is clearer than ever. DRM solutions were created specifically to help control the sharing of such marketable digital assets. Controlling and policing the sharing of these files once they’ve been copied is almost impossible, that’s why DRM technology places the emphasis on stopping these assets being stolen in the first place.

DRM solutions are designed to place a barrier that stops digital content being stolen in the first place, this can include copy protection and permission management solutions.

More about Digital Rights Management

Location-Based Content Distribution Controls and DRM Solutions

Controlling the distribution of content online—be it digital music, movies, or software—is a difficult task, whether it’s ensuring that content is accessed only where permitted by licensing and copyright agreements, or by restricting downloads in certain geographic locations for encryption software or other use cases. With Digital Element’s NetAcuity® IP Intelligence and geolocation data, organizations can effectively manage the distribution of online content, ensuring that licensing and copyright agreements are adhered to and that digital assets are protected against online piracy.

By leveraging Digital Element’s real-time location information within content distribution and digital rights platforms, content owners have the information needed to allow legal downloads where licensing and copyright agreements are in place—and to restrict downloads where it is illegal.

What IP Intelligence Can Do For Your Digital Rights Management

  • Improve Control – Control access to digital content based on licensing agreements at the country, state/region, city and even ZIP and postal code level
  • Increase Flexibility – Respond quickly to constantly changing rules for content management and distribution
  • Ensure Compliance – Comply with license and copyright agreements made with content licensors by allowing access to content based on user location
  • Enforce Restriction – Ensure users in prohibited or embargoed areas are restricted from accessing your digital assets

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