Nodify – Threat Intelligence Solution

Nodfiy is a threat intelligence solution that identifies whether inbound or outbound traffic is tied to a VPN, proxy, or a darknet. Nodify is privacy-sensitive, we do not monitor user or company traffic. We provide context behind each IP address seen – to give users the decision making power to decide what they want to block or allow in their traffic.

Unlike other fraud detection solutions, Nodify provides additional context around the VPN/proxy/darknet tied to an IP address.

Examples of decorations include:

  • VPN Classification
  • Provider’s name/URL
  • Distinction between residential or commercial
  • IP addresses related to a provider

Industries that Benefit from Nodify

Financial Services
Media & Entertainment
Information Technology & Communications
Retail and E-commerce
Business Software
Anti-fraud Solutions/ Cybersecurity

Frequently Updated Databases

Nodify is leveraged as a RESTful API providing access to active nodes relating to providers for ingestion and contextual information around each provider.

VPNs and Proxies are updated on an hourly basis

IP Geolocation and Intelligence

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