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Carrier Data Insights

Mobile Carrier Database

The Mobile Carrier database identifies the mobile carrier that owns the IP address, thus inferring that the IP address tied to each carrier belongs to a mobile user. This database also includes Mobile Country Codes and Mobile Network Codes (MCC & MNC fields) which are based on the ITU-T (International Telecommunication Union/Telecommunication Standardization Sector) definitions.

The Moblie Carrier Code is a numeric identifier tied to each unique relationship between Mobile Carrier, MCC, and MNC.

ISP Database

Digital Element examines all the allocation records for an IP range to determine the parent owner. IP ranges are allocated by the Regional Internet Registries. These ranges can then be suballocated to business or individuals. Digital Element examines all the allocation records for an IP range to find the parent owner for the IP range.

This database name is a somewhat of a misnomer, and does not indicate that the listed name for an IP is an actual ISP; the name could also represent a business, i.e. Siemens.

Get Started with Carrier Data Insights

The ISP and Mobile Carrier databases are easy to deploy as part of our NetAcuity solution, and can be used to identify key carrier data insights about users in real-time.

In today’s hyper-mobile world, being able to target users by mobile carrier and ISP gives you the edge in reaching your digital audience in the most effective way possible—whether through delivering targeted advertising to on-the-go users, identifying unusual user behavior patterns to help fight online fraud, managing your content’s digital rights, and more.

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