Location-Based Advertising: Target Online Ads

Location Targeted Advertising for Online Advertising

IP Targeting for Geotargeted Advertising and Precision Ad Delivery

Industry-leading websites, online and mobile ad networks, publishers, and retailers know that the ability to tailor and target ads with the utmost precision – regardless of device type – is now table-stakes in the online ad world. As relevance and revenue go hand in hand, it’s a given that unless ads speak to consumers with messages that resonate, it’s a wasted impression. Digital Element’s industry-leading NetAcuity IP Intelligence and geolocation data allows ads to be targeted to the ZIP and postcode level worldwide.

Visitors can also be targeted based on more than a dozen other parameters such as connection type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), mobile carrier, domain name, company name, home or business user and more.

The Benefits of Marketing Based on Location

What is Location-Based Advertising?

Location-based marketing and advertising, also called geotargeted marketing and advertising, allows companies to deliver targeted ads, content and promotions that are tailored to be relevant to consumers..

What Location-Based Advertising Can Do For You

  • Increase Returns – Command a 30-40 percent premium over non-targeted ads
  • Improve Reach and Relevance – Deliver relevant ads to specific audiences to reduce wasted impressions and increase click-through rates and message reach
  • Deliver Custom Targeting – Leverage other IP Intelligence parameters to deliver custom targeting such as delivering online video ads based on a user’s connection speed or automatically serving a mobile ad to a user by identifying connection type
  • Create Consistency – Reduce ad variance issues across networks by deploying the industry’s most widely used geolocation technology
  • Reach Users Across Devices – Deliver location-targeted content and ads to users across devices when connecting online or via IP-enabled WiFi connections

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