IP Geolocation for Location-Based Advertising

Target and tailor ads with precision and improve advertising ROI

Digital Element’s industry-leading IP intelligence and geolocation data enable you to accurately deliver ads, content, and promotions targeted to the ZIP+4 and postcode levels worldwide.

Leverage more than a dozen other parameters such as connection type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), mobile carrier, domain name, company name, home or business use, and much more to improve campaign results.

Benefits of Digital Element’s IP Intelligence for Location-based Advertising

  • Deliver enhanced ad targeting – Enable postal code/zip+4 level geolocation for precise audience segmentation, leverage critical insights for customer journey analysis, and use IP data to refine ad targeting and campaign strategies.
  • Reduce ad fraud and improve outcomes – Identify fraud patterns like IP changes or unusual traffic, reduce bot-driven ad fraud, and avoid ad spend waste by verifying audience geolocation with the most comprehensive and up-to-date proxy database.
  • Build accurate consumer profiles for better targeting and insights – Leverage matched identifiers and 1st party data for omnichannel ad targeting, precisely tailor campaigns using detailed profiles and locations, and gain insights into audience behavior across devices.

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