Data Sheets

Data Sheets

NetAcuity Product Sheet

Digital Element helps companies across industries to uncover actionable information about online users such as geographic location, connection speed, domain name and more—information that can actually help improve the reach, relevance and response of online initiatives—all while respecting the user’s right to privacy.

GeoMprint Product Sheet

GeoMprint is Digital Element’s new reverse geocoding solution targeted at mobile device traffic, converting a device’s raw location coordinates into more useful geographic information. This information allows clients to target mobile users with unmatched accuracy and reliability, bringing context to on-the-go interactions.

Point-of-Interest (POI) Database

Digital Element has created a first-of-its-kind IP-to-POI database that helps to identify users in the immediate vicinity of nearby points of interest, providing you with a list of POIs within 100 meters of a user to target on-the-go individuals in real-time.

Online Advertising Application Sheet

With the local online and video advertising markets growing at staggering rates, being able to provide deeper insight about online audiences will give you the added edge you need to increase market share and stay ahead in the game.

Content Rights Management

Trying to secure online content distribution and comply with licensing and copyright agreements of streaming media is challenging. So how do you effectively distribute content to an online audience and at the same time safeguard it—all while obeying the license and copyright agreements made with the content licensors and others?

Content Localization Application Sheet

The Internet has made every online company instantly global, which can seem daunting at times. The best way to connect with this diverse and dispersed global audience is to show them that you “understand where they are coming from.” Digital Element translates that phrase into the literal sense by providing IP Intelligence information that allows retailers to serve relevant content in real time by identifying where website visitors are coming from…literally.

Enhance Analytics Application Sheet

Web analytics has the ability to deliver new insights about online visitor behavior. Armed with this information, companies can discover actionable marketing intelligence to drive change and innovation within the online marketing process—a true key to success.

Fraud and Security Application Sheet

Online businesses are only successful when users are confident that the channel is safe and secure. Digital Element’s accurate and reliable NetAcuity® IP Intelligence and geolocation technology helps break down anonymity barriers to identify potential sources of fraud and protect users online. By adding an additional layer of protection to validate or verify user location, NetAcuity is a key component of mission-critical fraud, compliance and security applications.

Mobile Targeting Application Sheet

View the PDF IP geolocation fills the mobile gap and helps brands reach more “on-the-go” consumers With more than 6.5 billion mobile subscribers today—almost triple the amount of Internet users—mobile is poised to become the dominant, or first, screen for reaching consumers. As such, advertisers, publishers, retailers and other brands are devoting an increasing amount...

Be IP Smart: The Full Guide to Choosing the Right IP Geolocation Provider

View the PDF Is Your Company IP Smart? IP Intelligence and geolocation technologies can take your business to the next level no matter the type of online audience you serve. But Being IP Smart is about more than implementing just any solution: it’s about implementing proven global technologies that are validated and accredited within the...

Infographic: The New Sports Experience (How Wi-Fi is Changing the Game)

View the Infographic See how MLB's stadiums are employing Wi-Fi, and what it means for advertisers, retailers, and stadium services across the US. Businesses are finding new ways to leverage in-stadium Wi-Fi connectivity along with IP geolocation technology to better interact with their customers, bringing in better sales and making for a happier sports fan!...

Infographic: A Walking Tour of Geotropolis

View the Infographic IP geolocation allows businesses to bring the real-world power of location to the online world. Take a walking tour of Geotropolis to see the types of industries that can leverage the power and versatility of geolocation technology to drive relevance and revenue for their online endeavors. View the Full Infographic

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