NetAcuity Product Sheet

The Industry Standard for IP Intelligence Technology


Industry-Standard Geolocation and IP Intelligence

Digital Element’s NetAcuity geolocation and IP Intelligence—the gold standard in the industry—offers global coverage and provides the power to deliver geotargeted content with the industry’s highest degree of accuracy. NetAcuity Standard provides global IP geotargeting at a country, state, region, and city level.

NetAcuity Edge™

Your Competitive Advantage in Hyperlocal Targeting

NetAcuity Edge’s global hyperlocal database offers an enhancement to Digital Element’s standard NetAcuity data, providing increased accuracy at the city/town and ZIP/postal code levels. NetAcuity Edge offers the most granular and accurate hyperlocal geotargeting solution through the only validated, partner contributing solution on the market. The result is a hyperlocal geotargeting solution that maintains user anonymity and complies with the highest standards of end-user privacy.

NetAcuity Pulse™

First-of-Its-Kind Mobile-Centric IP Targeting Solution

NetAcuity Pulse enhances ZIP- and postcode-level targeting by using IP location information derived from mobile devices and billions of real-time data signals and Wi-Fi connection points. This data, provided by a network of partners including Skyhook Wireless, allows Digital Element to leverage its 19+ years of IP location targeting to expand the global coverage reach for post-code level and mobile-device targeting.

NetAcuity Pulse Plus™

The Industry’s Only IP-based ZIP+4 Location Offering

NetAcuity Pulse Plus is the industry’s only geolocation solution with ZIP+4 data granularity, making it ideal for city blocks, neighborhoods, office buildings, and delivery segments. NetAcuity Pulse Plus combines the device-derived data of Pulse and with Digital Element’s internally developed reverse-geocoding data feeds. Pulse Plus leverages this intelligence to enable next-level targeting for the United States. Globally, Pulse Plus allows for the finest granularity of IP-based lat/long targeting.

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