Enhance Analytics Application Sheet

Obtain Deeper Insight for Improved Online Performance

Web analytics has the ability to deliver new insights about online visitor behavior. Armed with this information, companies can discover actionable marketing intelligence to drive change and innovation within the online marketing process—a true key to success.

Geolocation and IP Intelligence Technology Helps Define and Influence a Customer’s Journey Across Multiple Touchpoints

The number of internet users worldwide has reached past 4 billion. By all predictions, this number will only continue to grow. The ways in which people interface with and use the internet are evolving almost as fast, with mobile accounting for an ever-increasing share of online activities. Consumers now depend on multiple devices and various online connection points to live, work and play in our quickly developing digital world.

With more and more people going online to find information, products and services, marketers need accurate data to strengthen their understanding of the way people behave in the real world in order to connect, engage and influence consumers’ buying decisions in the digital world. Strong user analytics can deliver new insights about online behavior. Armed with this information, companies can discover actionable intelligence to drive real-time change and innovation within the online marketing process―a true key to success.

IP Data Provides Context to Allow for More Personalized Digital Interactions

The age of Big Data will continue into the foreseeable future. Data is powerful when used properly. But in order to use data to your competitive advantage, you have to collect the right data and analyze it in meaningful ways. However, there are so many data parameters to analyze, it is sometimes hard for companies to know where to start―why measure, what to measure, and how to utilize the information you do measure. Measurement, attribution and reporting are important parts of any marketing program. In today’s interconnected world, how consumers engage with and buy from your brand has changed significantly. Buying has evolved into a multi-faceted consumer “experience”―a multiple-touchpoint journey that involves more than performing a simple transaction. It’s personal, and it changes as consumers move from desktop to mobile devices to brick-and mortar locations… and back.

User analytics play an important role in understanding the success of your marketing programs and driving future decisions. Do you want to see where the most downloads are coming from? Or which advertising campaigns drive the most revenue? IP Intelligence and geolocation technology is the perfect complement to any analytics package, providing the tools to further segment and gain deeper insight into user online behavior. As part of your analytics package, this technology can provide real-world metrics and insights derived from user intelligence data parameters that help define and influence a customer’s journey at multiple touchpoints, providing context to allow more personalized interactions with your brand as they move across channels, devices and locations.


  • Increase Campaign Performance – Leverage real-time insights to influence messages and change targeted campaigns “on the fly.”
  • Identify High-Engagement Regions – Use geolocation data to identify and better understand regions of high customer engagement for app installs, software downloads or other conversions.
  • Detect Fraudulent Traffic – Protect the integrity of marketing campaigns through new-found visibility into “non-humans” by utilizing proxy data to help discern real users from fraudulent ones.
  • Provide Attribution and Reporting – Determine and benchmark the effectiveness of local, regional, national and international promotions―both online and off.

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