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White Papers

IP Intelligence and the Digital Broadcast Revolution

The rise of the internet has revolutionized the broadcast industry. The days of a fixed program schedule delivered through a small number of terrestrial TV stations are long gone...

How to Turn Wasted Data into Dollars

In today's ultra-competitive digital marketplace, possessing accurate and reliable data about your audience has never been more crucial, regardless of whether you're the specialty retailer on the corner or a Fortune-500 corporate giant.

Use Proxy Data to Ensure Location-Based Campaign Success

Today’s digital world has become a mass online universe that constantly challenges marketers to find new and innovative ways to reach what is often a faceless and geographically dispersed audience.

Removing Internet Anonymity Barriers with IP Geolocation Data and Services

IP geolocation data helps you uncover crucial insights about your online customers, allowing you to connect with them in more effective, impactful, and non-invasive ways. Understanding user location can be a critical...

How Retailers Can Automate the Screening Process for Online Fraud While Preserving the Customer Shopping Experience

Today’s online world is a place where identities are filched in the blink of an eye and financial details are bought, sold and used before unsuspecting consumers clue in to the loss.

At the Intersection of E-commerce and IP Intelligence: Geolocation Strategies for Today’s Online Retailer

There’s little doubt that technology innovation has changed—and continues to transform—the shopper-seller relationship. During the ‘90s, the majority of consumers still shopped in person at retail stores, even as the Internet opened up...

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