At the Intersection of E-commerce and IP Intelligence: Geolocation Strategies for Today’s Online Retailer

There’s little doubt that technology innovation has changed—and continues to transform—the shopper-seller relationship. During the ‘90s, the majority of consumers still shopped in person at retail stores, even as the Internet opened up an entirely new channel to sell goods and services. In the new millennium, more retailers found themselves gravitating toward e-commerce as a viable means to reach consumers. However, consumer acceptance was slow as shoppers worked to move past their fears of conducting business online. They “shopped” online, but still bought in-store. Today, this trend has made an about-face. Now, consumers are more likely to shop in retail stores to touch and feel, but buy online because prices are better. The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets further enables consumers’ ability to shop online–right from the aisle of any brick-and-mortar store.

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