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Digital Advertising Company Undertone Uses Leading IP Geolocation Technology to Deliver More Personalized and Localized Brand Experiences Across the Web


Undertone makes digital media work for brands by combining the best creative, context, people and technology to create Standout Brand Experiences™. Its independent ad serving platform enables it to plan and optimize campaigns across screens and formats, making every buy work harder and smarter.

In order to identify prospect-rich environments that align with advertisers’ brands and are most likely to result in attention, attraction and involvement, Undertone relies on a broad range of targeting tools. From purchase-based targeting to dynamic targeting and retargeting, Undertone leverages third-party data providers and makes their data work harder by combining it with first-party insights gleaned from thousands of previous campaigns.

“The global scale of today’s digital marketplace requires us to constantly look for ways to enhance and refine our targeting capabilities,” said Mark Costa, Vice President of Technology & Operations at Undertone. “For global brands, it’s simply an imperative to be able to deliver a more localized and personalized ad experience—one that’s relevant to consumers no matter where they live. This capability allows us to make campaigns even smarter and more effective.”

For that capability, Undertone turned to Digital Element’s NetAcuity® IP geolocation technology.


Undertone evaluated several IP geolocation solutions based on the following criteria: industry acceptance of the technology; ease of integration; and accuracy of the data.

According to Costa, Digital Element easily met all the criteria, living up to its industry-leading reputation.

“We found that Digital Element’s technology was superior when compared to the other providers we reviewed,” he said. “Digital Element has a reputation in the marketplace for providing the most reliable, trustworthy and accurate data—which is in line with the caliber of services and technology that Undertone provides to its clients.”

Digital Element’s privacy-sensitive IP geolocation technology is recognized as the de facto standard, delivering the most granular and accurate IP mapping solution in the market. For this reason, Undertone selected NetAcuity to help power its geotargeting capabilities to ensure it was not only serving relevant content based on a person’s geographic location, but also improving message reach and relevance for brands.


As part of Undertone’s overall targeting suite, geotargeting has become a highly sought-after advertising solution that has proven to provide additional value and return on investment for its clients as they look to make more relevant connections in today’s crowded digital landscape. And while Digital Element’s technology is commonly implemented across all the verticals Undertone serves, automotive advertisers, in particular, have experienced heightened success when powering their campaigns with the NetAcuity solution.

For example, the ability to serve users looking to purchase a new vehicle with an automaker’s targeted ad, complete with local dealership information and directions, has resulted in higher engagement and interaction rates. Undertone clients in the entertainment industry have also experienced similar success, delivering targeted ads with local movie theater information.

“Digital Element has been an excellent partner,” Costa said. “In addition to the unmatched data and technology it provides, service and support have been great—above and beyond the call of duty.”

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