The Power of Where: IP Geolocation Applications in Advertising in Latin America

The Power of Where: IP Geolocation Applications in Advertising in Latin America

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It’s been more than two decades since the first internet banner went live on the website. And, yet, even though the online advertising market is mature, it continues to evolve and spending on online advertising continues to grow significantly year on year.

Currently, total advertising expenditure in Latin America is projected to round up to nearly $50 billion (in U.S. dollars). Brazil is projected to maintain its leadership in the region, increasing its share of the Latin American ad market to almost 57 percent by 2017. Mexico is expected to hold 11.4 percent of the market share by 2017, while Argentina is projected to account for nearly 9 percent.

The challenge is to serve ads effectively in this complex and evolving marketplace. That first internet banner had a 10-percent click through rate (CTR) and throughout the ‘90s, CTRs averaged around 3 percent. Today the rate is around 0.06 percent. In this environment, all advertisers know the importance of serving ads that are relevant to the consumers who see them―hence the importance of data-based targeting.

IP geolocation enables you to:

  • Deploy IP Intelligence to Target “Clusters of Similarity”
  • Add Location as a Criterion
  • Combine IP Geolocation with Other “Real-World” Events
  • Incorporate Demographic Targeting
  • Run Time-Sensitive Campaigns
  • Analyze Buying Patterns Using Location to Maximize Media Budget Mileage

See all these items in-depth and read much more by viewing the full whitepaper here:

View the White Paper (PDF)

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“The industry now has an MRC-accredited source for geolocation data to which it can turn, which ultimately can lead to enhanced confidence throughout the digital advertising ecosystem.”

George W. Ivie, Executive Director and CEO, MRC