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Turn Inc. Outsmarts Online Advertising Competition With Digital Element’s Technology

Leading Online Advertising Provider Adds IP Intelligence to Improve Contextual, Audience and Behavioral Targeting

ATLANTA – (March 11, 2008) – To improve the efficiency and accuracy of its revolutionary ad targeting platform, Turn Inc, developer of the world’s first Smart Market for online advertising, will integrate Digital Element’s NetAcuity® IP Intelligence technology into its solution.

Digital Element, the leading provider of IP Intelligence solutions, provides patented technology which allows businesses to perfect audience segmentation capabilities and targeting based on a comprehensive set of parameters that include geographic location (country, region, state, city and zip code); connection speed; Internet Service Provider (ISP); language; domain name; and demographics. Turn’s Smart Market platform optimizes online advertising activity — from click to action.

The Turn Smart Market optimizes performance using a machine learning platform that automatically blends contextual, audience, behavioral, and additional custom targeting methods in real time to achieve advertisers’ performance goals using their choice of CPM (cost-per-impression), CPC (cost-per-click), and CPA (cost-per-action) pricing. Turn is utilizing Digital Element’s industry-leading geographic, bandwidth and other IP-based data points to enhance the performance of its advanced machine-learning, automatic targeting system.

“Advanced online advertising technologies, such as Turn’s, are only as effective as the quality of the data fed into them,” said Jim Barnett, CEO of Turn. “We evaluated Digital Element against other top competitors in the marketplace and selected the company’s NetAcuity IP Intelligence technology because it delivered the most accurate and deepest data elements among the group. Additionally, the fact that NetAcuity is used by most third-party ad servers also played heavily in our decision because when multiple platforms are using the same targeting data it reduces the likelihood of counting discrepancies for our clients.”

Even though graphical display advertising is the fastest growing segment of the online advertising industry, significant inefficiencies still remain. Companies such as Turn are developing advanced technologies to help optimize performance, provide more control and insight, and produce greater profits for advertisers and publishers alike.

“Turn’s Smart Market platform represents the next logical evolution in online advertising, whereby advanced technology automatically optimizes the click-to-action to deliver measurable business value to customers,” said Rob Friedman, executive vice president, Digital Element. “By incorporating NetAcuity’s IP Intelligence data, Turn can improve the performance for both advertisers and publishers by better matching ads to Web pages and users than is possible with traditional, manual targeting alone.”

About Digital Element

Digital Element delivers the de facto standard in IP Intelligence, providing coverage for 99.9999 percent of the Internet and collecting more than one million points-of-view daily from different online vantage points. Taking advantage of its patented technology and a team of dedicated data analysts, most of the world’s largest networks, websites, video portals and social networks, access the most comprehensive set of IP data available to deliver targeting advertising, content localization, geographic rights management, video streaming localization and analytics. Through Digital Element’s industry vision and leadership, this non-invasive technology has evolved into much more than geographic information and now includes other intelligence factors such as connection speed, domain name, ISP and language.

For more information on how to uncover new levels of insight about online users, please visit Digital Element is a business unit of Digital Envoy, part of the Landmark Interactive division of Landmark Communications.

About Turn Inc.

Turn develops and manages the world’s first Smart Market for online advertising. Employing the power of machine learning technology, the Turn Smart Market combines automatic targeting and goal-driven pricing to optimize ROI for advertisers, revenue for publishers, and relevance for consumers. Turn was founded in 2005 and is located in Redwood City, California. For more information, visit

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