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Keynote Systems Completes Assessment of Digital Element’s IP Intelligence Technology

Leading Third-Party Data Measurement Firm’s Accuracy Test Supports Superior Data Accuracy Claims by Customers

ATLANTA – (April 2, 2008) – Companies that deliver targeted advertising, content localization, and geographic rights management base their success on the accuracy of the online data they use. Keynote Systems, the global leader in on-demand test and measurement solutions for continuously improving the online experience, conducted a 3rd party, independent test of Digital Element’s NetAcuity® IP Intelligence technology in order to provide Digital Element clients with and prospects with continued confidence in the unsurpassed accuracy the company’s NetAcuity technology.

Keynote Systems tested Digital Element’s NetAcuity technology by leveraging its network of 2,400 measurement computers across the globe. Digital Element provided an exact match for every IP address at the country level, as well as an exact match at the state level for those IP addresses located in the United States. Additionally, the Keynote technology assessment graded results down to a city level and Digital Element’s NetAcuity delivered 97 percent accuracy.

“Accuracy is the most important feature companies are looking for when they come to us for IP Intelligence technology,” said Rob Friedman, executive vice president, Digital Element. “We strive to continually improve our accuracy levels, and the Keynote tests demonstrate our commitment to deliver the most comprehensive and reliable set of IP data available on the market.”

NetAcuity provides patented technology which allows businesses to perfect audience segmentation capabilities and targeting based on a comprehensive set of parameters such as geographic location (country, region, state, city and zip code) as well as connection speed; area code; Internet Service Provider (ISP); North American Industry Classification System (NAICS); domain name; demographics; company name; proxies; Designated Market Area (DMA)/Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA); language; time zone; and longitude/latitude.

“Keynote has built more than a decade of experience and trust as a leading third-party test and measurement solution provider,’ said Ben Rushlo, senior manager of consulting services, Keynote Systems. “We pride ourselves on delivering insight that is accurate, impartial and actionable.”

A sample of the Digital Element customers who can attest to the need for data accuracy include ABCSearch, the largest privately held pay-per-click (PPC) ad network;, publisher of four Web sites that empower, engage and educate automotive consumers and enthusiasts; and AdOn Network, a leader in providing innovative, contextual and behavioral solutions for advertisers and publishers.

According to ABCSearch CEO Daniel Yomotobian, “ABCSearch’s goal is to have our ads targeted as efficiently and effectively as possible to our advertiser’s audience, which is why we made the switch to Digital Element’s technology.”

Seth Berkowitz, executive vice president of business operations for, stated, “ visitors appreciate the accuracy and relevancy of the information they get on our site, and we feel confident that Digital Element can live up to high expectations as they help us take the next step in content delivery.”

And, AdOn Network CEO Steve Armstrong said, “Overall, IP Intelligence technology will provide more consistent and accurate targeting, delivering the right customers to our advertisers and increasing their returns on investment.”

About Digital Element

Digital Element delivers the de facto standard in IP Intelligence, providing coverage for 99.9999 percent of the Internet and collecting more than one million points-of-view daily from different online vantage points. Taking advantage of its patented technology and a team of dedicated data analysts, most of the world’s largest networks, websites, video portals and social networks, access the most comprehensive set of IP data available to deliver targeting advertising, content localization, geographic rights management, video streaming localization and analytics. Through Digital Element’s industry vision and leadership, this non-invasive technology has evolved into much more than geographic information and now includes other intelligence factors such as connection speed, domain name, ISP and language.

For more information on how to uncover new levels of insight about online users, please visit Digital Element is a business unit of Digital Envoy, part of the Landmark Interactive division of Landmark Communications.

About Keynote Systems

Keynote Systems (Nasdaq: KEYN) is the global leader in on-demand test & measurement solutions for continuously improving the online experience. As an independent and trusted third-party, Keynote provides IT and marketing executives with an unbiased view into their Internet services from around the world. For over a decade, Keynote has been providing measurement data and testing capabilities that allow companies to understand and improve their customers’ online and mobile experience. Keynote has four test and measurement businesses: Web performance, mobile quality, streaming & VoIP, and customer experience/UX. In addition, Keynote’s industry analysis group called Keynote Competitive Research publishes proprietary studies measuring customer experience and service levels across a wide range of industries.

Known as The Mobile and Internet Performance Authority(TM), Keynote has a market-leading infrastructure of 2,400 measurement computers and mobile devices in over 240 locations around the world. Keynote also maintains one of the most representative panels of online users consisting of 160,000 consumers. Keynote’s on-demand, hassle-free infrastructure allows businesses to access services they need, when they need them to pinpoint and fix mobile quality and Internet problems before they impact customers.

Keynote helps over 2,700 corporate customers become “the best of the best” by helping them improve online business performance and mobile communications quality. Keynote’s customers represent top Internet and mobile companies including American Express, BP, Caterpillar, Dell, Disney, eBay, E*TRADE, Expedia, FedEx, Microsoft, SonyEricsson, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Vodafone.

Keynote Systems, Inc. is headquartered in San Mateo, California and can be reached at or by phone in the U.S. at (650) 403-2400.

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