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Using IP Intelligence to Manage Digital Rights for Online Video is Focus of New Digital Element Whitepaper

ATLANTA – (April 23, 2008) – As companies catch and ride the online video wave, they face the challenges of trying to secure content distribution and comply with licensing and copyright agreements as well as to obey customs and cultural boundaries. In a newly published whitepaper, Digital Element, the leading provider of IP Intelligence solutions, looks at the evolving delivery of online video and examines how companies can safely and lawfully deliver digital content for today’s geographically dispersed audiences.

Titled “Now You See It…Now You Don’t,” the new white paper is available on the Digital Element Website.

“Before companies jump into the online video world, they should fully understand the issues of managing digital rights” said Rob Friedman, executive vice president, Digital Element. “There are a lot of dynamic parts involved in the process that can present global challenges that far exceed the pages of any Website — if not handled properly. The solution in its simplest form is summed up in one word: control. However, that control needs to be risk-free for companies and transparent to end users.”

The whitepaper explains how companies can leverage IP Intelligence to effectively create the necessary control to manage the distribution of and access to online videos. IP Intelligence is the pseudonymized data derived from analyzing an Internet user’s IP address and includes geographic location (country, region, state, city and zip code); connection speed; Internet Service Provider (ISP); language; and other information.

More specifically, the white paper discusses how reliable, accurate geo-location capabilities afforded through IP Intelligence solutions can help companies:

  • Deliver video content to markets where legal agreements exists;
  • Prevent video distribution to unauthorized or undesirable locations;
  • Easily and quickly adapt to ever-changing rules and agreements;
  • Restrict video content to certain locations based on adherence to local customs and cultural boundaries; and
  • Manage affiliate spill-over and enable Web sites to deliver streaming media and downloads as well as localize content and target advertising, as needed by today’s broadcasters.

Additionally, the white paper highlights two successful digital rights management initiatives with CinemaNow, an innovator in digital entertainment technology delivering high-quality Hollywood movies and TV shows across multiple platforms, and Fox Interactive Media, a portfolio of leading social networking, entertainment, sports and information sites.

“It is imperative for companies to use the ‘best technology available’ to obey their contracts rather than relying on the cheapest solution,” Friedman said. “Low-cost solutions will likely lead to legal liability in the event a company is challenged. In a legal proceeding, a Court may very well ask ‘Why didn’t you use the best technology?’ And, unfortunately, cost is a bad excuse.”

About Digital Element

Digital Element delivers the de facto standard in IP Intelligence, providing coverage for 99.9999 percent of the Internet and collecting more than one million points-of-view daily from different online vantage points. Taking advantage of its patented technology and a team of dedicated data analysts, most of the world’s largest networks, websites, video portals and social networks, access the most comprehensive set of IP data available to deliver targeting advertising, content localization, geographic rights management, video streaming localization and analytics. Through Digital Element’s industry vision and leadership, this non-invasive technology has evolved into much more than geographic information and now includes other intelligence factors such as connection speed, domain name, ISP and language.

For more information on how to uncover new levels of insight about online users, please visit Digital Element is a business unit of Digital Envoy, part of the Landmark Interactive division of Landmark Communications.

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