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Doubleclick Introduces Neilsen DMA and Bandwidth Targeting Through Digital Envoy

Further Enhances Capabilities for Targeting by Country, Postal Code  and Area Code

New York, January 31, 2005 – DoubleClick Inc. (NASDAQ: DCLK), the leading provider of marketing tools for ad agencies, marketers and web publishers, today announced new targeting capabilities – for Nielsen Designated Market Areas (DMA) and bandwidth – for its ad management solutions through an existing partnership with Digital Envoy, the industry leader in IP Intelligence solutions. In addition, DoubleClick will offer enhanced geo-targeting capabilities for Country, Postal Code, and Area Code – segments already available to its ad management clients through the Digital Envoy partnership.

“By using global, regional or local parameters, geo-targeting helps to drive increased effectiveness for advertisers and allows web publishers to command a higher premium for their online inventory,” said Doug Knopper, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Ad Management, DoubleClick. “In addition, bandwidth targeting can improve the effectiveness of rich media and video campaigns by delivering them to browsers best equipped to handle large files. Overall, DoubleClick is pleased to augment and improve our targeting capabilities on behalf of our advertiser and publisher clients.”

DART® for Advertisers, DART® for Publishers and DART® Enterprise customers can now target by:

  • Countries
  • U.S. States, Territories and Canadian Provinces
  • Postal Codes in the U.S. and Canada
  • Telephone Area Codes worldwide
  • Domain Types
  • Domain Names
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Operating Systems
  • Browsers
  • Online Service Providers
  • Bandwidth Types (Dial-up, DSL, Cable, Broadband generic and
    T-1 or higher)
  • Nielsen Designated Marketing Areas (DMA) (North America only)
  • Time and Day
  • Keywords
  • User Lists

“Digital Envoy’s NetAcuity IP Intelligence technology plays a vital role in improving online advertising reach, relevance and effectiveness,” said Rob Friedman, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, Digital Envoy. “We have been working very closely with DoubleClick to ensure that their clients have access to the most accurate and cutting-edge IP-targeting capabilities available, and look forward to working together improve the power of online advertising.”

According to the Kelsey Group, geo-commerce, or local advertising revenues, is expected to reach approximately $50 billion by 2006.

About DoubleClick Inc.

DoubleClick is the leading provider of tools for advertisers, direct marketers and web publishers to plan, execute and analyze their marketing programs. DoubleClick’s online advertising, email marketing and database marketing solutions help clients yield the highest return on their marketing dollar. In addition, the company’s marketing analytics tools help clients measure performance within and across channels. DoubleClick Inc. has global headquarters in New York City and maintains 22 offices around the world.

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