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Accipiter And Digital Envoy Work Together To Meet Online Publishers’ Geo-Targeting Needs

Advanstar Communications, Amoung Others Use Accipiter AdManager’s Geo-Targeting Capabilities to Increase Ad Volume and Generate Higher Revenues

LONDON, UK and RALEIGH, NC – January 25, 2005 – Today, Accipiter Solutions, Inc. announced that many of its online publishing customers are taking advantage of the extensive geo-targeting resources provided with its premier ad management solution, AdManager. With the addition of Digital Envoy’s NetAcuity® IP intelligence technology, AdManager provides publishers with a comprehensive geo-data set that further enhances Accipiter’s industry-leading targeting capabilities.

Digital Envoy, the recognized leader in IP intelligence solutions, provides publishers with the ability to automatically serve ads based on the geographic location of Internet users, as well as other targeting parameters including: area/metro code, time zone, latitude/longitude, bandwidth, city/region/country confidence code, SIC code, and connection speed. The NetAcuity geo-database covers the entire IP universe (4.2 billion addresses) with accurate intelligence throughout the entire routable space (1.4 billion addresses.)

Accipiter customer Advanstar Communications, one of the leading providers of information and communications products to targeted business and professional markets, has capitalized on the ever-increasing revenue opportunities provided by AdManager’s geo-targeting module. According to Keith Hammerback, manufacturing services director for Advanstar, “With more than 96 million online ads served year-to-date, it is important for us to offer our advertisers flexibility with their ad campaigns. By implementing AdManager and its geo-targeting module, our advertisers can pinpoint their exact target market within their global inventory.”

One of Advanstar’s most impressive examples of revenue growth as a result of implementing AdManager’s geo-targeting capabilities has been with Cadalyst is an Advanstar publication that caters to the computer-aided design (CAD) industry. Cadalyst has seen a 104 percent increase in revenue over budget from Internet advertising opportunities. Dana Fisher, group publisher for Cadalyst, said that they have exceeded their major advertisers’ expected impression goals. Fisher added, “As a result of the increased capabilities AdManager offers us, we had to split our site into four different sub-sites to increase our available inventory due to advertiser demand.”

Other customer successes include NineMSN, Australia’s No.1 Web site destination with more than 6.6 million monthly visitors. NineMSN derives the bulk of its revenue from online advertising and has the leading position in the competitive online advertising market. It has been an Accipiter customer since 1999 and has been using geo-targeting to continue to increase its ad volume and generate increased ad revenues. In addition, Hanley Wood, LLC, the premier business-to-business media network serving North America’s residential and commercial construction industries has taken advantage of AdManager’s extensive functionality, allowing the network to offer its advertisers highly-valued, highly-targeted geographic campaigns., a California-based company providing outsourced email services-ad supported as well as non-ad supported-to more than 35,000 Web sites, individuals, companies and other service providers, has been using AdManager’s geo-targeting capabilities for more than a year. The Weather Network, Canada’s leading online weather authority, also uses Accipiter’s AdManager and its extensive geo-targeting module to serve up to 120 million ads per month.

“Accipiter is looking forward to continuing our relationship with Digital Envoy so we can provide customers such as Advanstar and others with the most comprehensive geo-data available on the market,” said Jeff Wood, vice president of sales and marketing for Accipiter. “By combining the ability to quickly and easily identify the specific geographic locations of site visitors with the most reliable online ad management technology, our publishing clients can offer advertisers higher value for their geo-targeted campaigns.

About Advanstar

Our mission is to be the leading provider of information and communications products to targeted business and professional markets. Advanstar provides multiple access points to 20 key industries through integrated marketing programs that are flexible and customized to meet any need. Our market reps are specially trained to provide access within discrete markets or across related industries utilizing our extensive portfolio of publications, expositions, conferences, and targeted marketing services. For more information, visit

About Digital Envoy

Digital Envoy’s NetAcuity is the leading IP Intelligence solution, and is used by some of the world’s largest networks, Web sites and enterprises including AT&T, Time Warner, Microsoft, CNET, Cable & Wireless, AT&T, Ask Jeeves, Verisign, Disney, Siemens, Philips, InfoSpace, Network Associates, Digital River, and many others. The company’s patented technology provides new intelligence about online users based on their IP addresses such as location, connection speed and domain name, enabling a deeper understanding of the online universe. For more information, visit

About Accipiter

Based in Raleigh, NC and London, UK, Accipiter has been a technology leader in the online ad management industry since 1996. Over 49 billion ads are served monthly using Accipiter innovations, including site-side (AdManager) and hosted (AdBureau) solutions. In 1998, Accipiter was the first to integrate behavioral targeting with online ad serving. VIBE (Visitor Interest Behavioral Engine) was created based on that experience. For general information, please visit

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