IP Location Targeting

Industry-Leading IP Geolocation Data

Digital Element’s geolocation and IP address intelligence solution, NetAcuity, identifies actionable information about online users such as geographic location, connection speed, domain name and more—information that is proven to help improve the relevance, reach and response of online activities.

The NetAcuity® Solution

NetAcuity® is our industry-leading solution for global IP location targeting precision and reach. NetAcuity offers unrivaled targeting at the country, region, city and postcode level―and is the only solution on the market that offers ZIP+4 targeting. The solution combines traditional infrastructure analysis and insights gleaned from a network of global commercial partners with location intelligence provided from mobile devices and billions of real-time data signals.

For companies that want to leverage proven, industry-leading location data to expand their global coverage, reach and precision for location-based initiatives, NetAcuity is the clear solution of choice.

More On NetAcuity 

Technology Datasheet

Whether you need to target or control content on a country level or down to a ZIP+4 level, Digital Element is the solution that delivers the right level of granularity for your needs.

Our proprietary targeting data offers global coverage and gives businesses the power to deliver location-based services with the industry’s highest degree of accuracy.

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