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Need for More Accurate Geographic Targeting Drives Thruport Technologies to Digital Element’s IP Intelligence Technology

Web Hosting Company Looks to Increase Speed, Value and Accuracy for Customer Online Ad Management

ATLANTA (June 26, 2007) – Bolstered by the need to provide its customers with the most accurate IP data in the market and to reduce discrepancies with third-party providers, Thruport Technologies has upgraded its geographic targeting capabilities with a switch to Digital Element’s NetAcuity® IP Intelligence technology.

Thruport will utilize NetAcuity to handle the geographical targeting needs of its industry-leading online ad management system, AdJugglerTM. Although Thruport has been providing geo-targeted advertising to its customers using another geolocation vendor’s data, the company decided that moving to the platform most widely used in the marketplace would reduce the discrepancies with third-party providers, decrease the decision time for the geo lookup, and provide more consistency in ad targeting due to NetAcuity’s unsurpassed accuracy.

“Switching to NetAcuity allows us to increase speed, compatibility, value and accuracy of ad delivery for our clients. At the end of the day, it’s about getting the right ad to the right people as quickly as possible — and NetAcuity helps us reach that goal,” said David Moser, president and chief operating officer of Thruport.

Digital Element’s IP Intelligence technology will not only allow Thruport to segment and target its online audience based on geographic location worldwide, it will also provide other parameters such as domain name, connection speed, and Internet Service Provider (ISP), giving Thruport’s clients a wealth of data to target campaigns in new ways, such as serving rich media ads only to those users with high-speed connections.

“Online ad spending is at an all-time high — and companies need proven tools such as NetAcuity’s IP Intelligence to increase the return on investment for clients’ Internet media buys,” said Rob Friedman, executive vice president and co-founder at Digital Element. “By providing accurate geo-targeting technology, Thruport can assure its clients that relevant ads are consistently and quickly being delivered to specific audiences.”

In addition, according to Friedman, geo-targeting can improve overall client satisfaction by reducing wasted impressions while increasing click-through rates and message reach.

About Digital Element

Digital Element delivers the de facto standard in IP Intelligence, providing coverage for 99.9999 percent of the Internet and collecting more than one million points-of-view daily from different online vantage points. Taking advantage of its patented technology and a team of dedicated data analysts, some of the world’s largest networks, websites and search engines access the most comprehensive set of IP data available to deliver targeting advertising, content localization, geographic rights management, local search optimization and analytics. Through Digital Element’s industry vision and leadership, this non-invasive technology has evolved into much more than geographic information and now includes other intelligence factors such as connection speed, domain name, ISP and language.

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About Thruport Technologies

The Thruport AdJuggler™ ( ad serving software offers advertisers, publishers and networks a cost-effective, mature and scalable platform for their online advertising needs. Thruport AdJuggler™ provides users not only with a full suite of tools and technologies, but also provides users with the highest levels of service and support. Thruport Technologies also develops and maintains the award-winning virtual office suite HotOffice, and offers a broad range of hosting solutions from dedicated platforms to database, security, and clustered configurations. Thruport’s world-class data center and network operations are located in Alexandria, VA. Thruport Sales can be contacted at 1-888-358-3400 or

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