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IP Geolocation

Trusted IP Geolocation Data

In today’s digital world, fully understanding and connecting with your online audiences is more important than ever. Since 1999, Digital Element has been helping companies around the world harness the power of location to do exactly that—all through our proprietary IP geolocation technology.

How Does IP Address Geolocation Work?

At its core, the NetAcuity suite of solutions allows you to pinpoint users’ geographic location from just their IP addresses, as well as uncover numerous other actionable insights such as demographic data, connection types, and proxies.

These insights can be used for applications including online advertising, localized content, legal compliance, analytics, fraud and security, network routing and more.

World-Leading IP Address Geolocation Data

Whether used to produce localized content, as part of a targeted advertising strategy, or to help enhance your analytics capabilities, the right IP geolocation solutions can help businesses thrive in the digital world.

For over 20 years, Digital Element has been supplying industry-leading geolocation solutions that provide real-time access to accurate and reliable location intelligence and insights, helping businesses to innovate and grow their digital offerings.


Query over 35,000 IPs per second, ensuring you always get the data you need, the instant you need it.


Accuracy rates of 99.99% at a country level, 98%+ at a regional level, and 97%+ at a city level – globally.


No personally identifiable information is ever gathered or stored, helping you stay GDPR compliant.


Our solutions cover 99.9999% of all seen IP addresses worldwide and work – even if a device’s GPS is turned off.

The Power of IP Intelligence

Our IP geolocation solutions uncover far more user insights beyond just location, with unparalleled accuracy worldwide.

Click a marker on the globe to preview some of the 40+ different datapoints our NetAcuity technology can uncover.

Example User Info: Atlanta
  • IP Address: 76.185.XX.XX
  • ZIP/Postal Code: 30303-1026
  • City: Atlanta
  • Region: Georgia
  • Country: United States
  • Time Zone: UTC-05:00
  • Latitude: 33.75
  • Longitude: -84.38
  • Connection Type: Wired
  • ISP: AT&T
  • Proxy: Hosting

Geolocation FAQs

What is Geolocation Used For?

The uses of geolocation data are many and varied. Our Applications section covers the ways in which companies can utilize geolocation data to better understand and reach their customers.

How Accurate is IP Geolocation?

With NetAcuity, companies can take advantage of the most accurate IP geolocation data in the industry at 99.9% accuracy at country level and 97+% at city level. Furthermore, with coverage of 99.9999% of the internet, NetAcuity is the solution of choice for the world’s most recognized brands.

What Is Geolocation?

Find out what geolocation is, the different methods of geolocation, and how geolocation provides value to users and businesses alike.

How Does IP Address Geolocation Work?

Discover how IP geolocation works, and how your business can use it to gain key customer insights.

What is Geolocation Used For?

What is geolocation used for Geolocation data is a powerful asset that solves a wide array of challenges that businesses face today

How to target an IP address?

How to target an IP address

How to Do Location Based Marketing?

How to Do Location Based Marketing?

Geolocation Applications

Digital Element’s NetAcuity geolocation and IP Intelligence technology is used across industries for a range of applications from content localization to ad targeting to fraud prevention.

Companies can now leverage a single IP geolocation solution to accomplish numerous online initiatives, whether the goal is to create an instant connection with a first-time site visitor; measure engagement with an online audience; ensure that content is in the right hands; or to shore up online security measures.

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