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How to Target an IP Address

There were more than 4.66 billion active internet users in 2021, accounting for 62.5 percent of the global population. This expansive group isn’t homogeneous. They have unique interests, pursuits, and purposes for accessing online platforms and services. 

IP targeting helps businesses and brands provide these billions of people with a more personalized experience, balancing privacy and precision while giving them the power to deliver location-based services with the industry’s highest accuracy. 

Specifically, IP data can be deployed to enrich a company’s first-party data and hone its entire data strategy in significant ways.

IP Data: The Forgotten Data Source

Many marketers overlook the immense power of IP data and the value of its rich geolocation and additional insights. Inherently privacy sensitive, IP data can drive strong performance for a variety of marketing initiatives while helping combat fraud and ensuring more personalized user experiences.

What’s more, unlike proxied behavioral data, IP data is deterministic (every device that is connected to the Internet is assigned an IP address). And unlike cookies that power behavioral segments, which expire after a set of time, IP data is persistent. 

IP data also helps marketers target users who are otherwise hard to reach. With IP data, marketers can target any device on any channel, including computers, mobile devices, smart TVs, or any other connected gadget that captures the public’s imagination.

The cookie may be crumbling, but savvy marketers are unfazed by its demise. Why? They know IP address data drives better campaign performance than third-party cookies ever could, and when combined with first-party data, it opens a world of possibilities.

Multiple Sources Enhance Data Quality 

To deliver the most accurate and granular data available, we leverage multiple data sources and patented techniques; partnerships with many of the largest ISPs, websites, and networks.

VPN & Proxy Identification 

This IP data helps organizations detect and prevent malicious IP address masking and enables greater control over the geographic distribution of your digital content. 

Carrier Data 

This data enables stronger targeting of mobile users based on ISP, mobile carrier, mobile country code, and mobile network code information. It can also distinguish a home user from a business entity. 

Additional Insights 

Through partnerships with other companies, Digital Element’s IP data is augmented with additional insights, such as the domain names tied to given IP addresses, companies and organizations associated with them, Autonomous System Number (ASN), demographics, and more.

These extended databases include Demographics, Language, Time Zone, Domain Name, Company Name, Organization Name, NAICS Codes, Home/Business types, Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA), and more. 

Making the Connection 

Ultimately, IP location data is only as effective as its implementation. That’s why, whether you need to target or control content on a country level or down to a ZIP+4 level, Digital Element has the solution that delivers the right level of granularity for your needs. 

Independently verified as the most accurate IP data in the marketplace and recognized as the industry standard, Digital Element has been trusted by many of the world’s leading companies since 1999.

Defining features of our datasets:

  • Unrivaled accuracy: Geolocation accuracy rates of 99.99% at a country level, 98% at a regional level, and 97% at a city level—globally
  • Privacy compliant: No personally identifiable information is ever gathered or stored, helping you stay compliant with data privacy regulations
  • Unmatched coverage: Our data solutions cover 99.9999% of all seen IP addresses worldwide
  • Breadth of data: a varied array of IP-based data intelligence points helps companies to adhere to varying regulations and restrictions.

Digital Element’s NetAcuity solution can be up and running in as little as 20 minutes. We offer multiple implementation options, including API-based server software, a flat-file download, or a high-performance cloud service.

Our solution can be used as a standalone product or seamlessly integrated within existing enterprise IT platforms―quickly and easily. It also supports all common programming languages and computing platforms, ensuring your company can hit the ground running.

Want geolocation tailored to your business needs? Our experts are here to help:


Query over 35,000 IPs per second, ensuring you always get the data you need, the instant you need it.


Accuracy rates of 99.99% at a country level, 98%+ at a regional level, and 97%+ at a city level – globally.


No personally identifiable information is ever gathered or stored, helping you stay GDPR compliant.


Our solutions cover 99.9999% of all seen IP addresses worldwide and work – even if a device’s GPS is turned off.

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