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Digital Element Forms Exclusive Reseller Partnership With Japan’s Digital Advertising Consortium (DAC)

ATLANTA – (July 8, 2008) – Digital Element, the leading provider of IP Intelligence and geolocation solutions, today announced an exclusive partnership with Digital Advertising Consortium (DAC), Japan’s leading online advertising solutions provider, to resell Digital Element’s NetAcuity™ IP Intelligence solution to the Japanese interactive market.

Under the terms of the partnership, DAC, which represents over 500 advertising agencies and more than 1,000 online publishers including Yahoo! Japan, Google Japan, MSN Japan, and AOL Japan, will offer Digital Element’s NetAcuity IP Intelligence solution, both directly as a stand-alone solution and as an additional service within its impAct Progressive Suite X (iPS-X) ad serving platform.  Utilizing this technology, Japan’s Internet media, advertisers and e-commerce websites will be able to deliver relevant advertising and content to specific audiences at a level of precision previously unavailable in the country.

“There has been an increasing need for more accurate targeting technology in the Japanese online market, and no other geolocation provider offers the level of granularity and precision that is offered by Digital Element,” said DAC’s CTO and Head of e-Business Group, Akihiko Tokuhisa.  “As the exclusive distributor of this highly accurate and valuable technology, DAC looks forward to delivering another competitively advantaged solution to our advertiser, publisher and e-commerce clients.”

Digital Element is the industry pioneer and global leader in Internet Protocol (IP) Intelligence.  Customers include the world’s leading Internet portals, ad networks, publishers, agencies, search engines, analytics and e-commerce companies. The Atlanta-based company provides the most accurate, granular and reliable IP Intelligence available globally and has been independently tested as the most precise technology available in Japan.

Digital Element’s NetAcuity solution offers highly accurate city-level targeting and ward-level detail, which to this point has been unavailable in the Japanese market.  Additional targeting parameters include prefecture/region and country location; connection speed; domain name; Internet Service Provider (ISP); home/business; company name; language and demographics; and proxies.  Digital Element’s patented technology is non-invasive and based solely on user IP addresses – no personally identifiable information is ever collected or stored – and enables a richer, safer, more personalized user experience while protecting user privacy.

DAC will utilize its deep market presence to deploy Digital Element’s NetAcuity, enabling its customers to deliver relevant advertising and content to specific audiences, reduce wasted impressions and increase click-through rates and message reach.  The technology is also extensively used in the protection of online content, geographic rights management and online fraud prevention.

“We are confident that DAC will play a very strategic role in our international expansion, and we look forward to working with DAC to deliver our IP Intelligence technology to the Japanese marketplace,” said Frank Bobo, Digital Element’s Vice President of Business Development.  “We are pleased to be working with an online media company that is as respected as DAC.  Its extensive network of ad agency clients, online publishers and e-commerce websites represents some of the Internet’s most well-known, global brands.”

About Digital Element

Founded in 1999, Digital Element is the industry pioneer of IP Intelligence, a non-invasive, privacy-sensitive technology that automatically uncovers geographic information, connection speed, domain name, ISP, language and other characteristics about online users based solely on their IP addresses. This knowledge enables online businesses to customize content for more accurate and profitable online interactions, making it ideal for targeted advertising, content localization, geographic rights management, local search and enhanced analytics. Digital Element’s patented IP Intelligence solution with its exceedingly accurate geolocation capabilities is used by industry-leading advertising networks, web publishers, search engines, social networks, e-tailers, and analytics platforms around the world to revolutionize the way people experience the Internet.

Digital Element is a business unit of Digital Envoy, part of Landmark Interactive, a Landmark Media Enterprises Company. For more information about Digital Element, visit

About Digital Advertising Consortium, Inc.

Founded in Tokyo in 1996, Digital Advertising Consortium, Inc. (DAC) is a leading interactive ad agency and network focused on three main services: Media, Operations and Technology.  The company represents Japan’s major websites including Yahoo! Japan, MSN, Goo, Infoseek, AOL, Nikkei Newspaper, Japan TV, Tokyo Broadcasting and many more, as well as Japan’s leading advertising agencies.  The company offers a wide range of services including the buying and selling of online ad space; planning, operations and consulting for online advertising, promotion and public relations; research on the effectiveness of online advertising; and research and development of online advertising technology and services.  For more information about DAC, visit

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