Digital Element Brings a New “Edge” to Global Online Targeting

NetAcuity Edge™ Offers Hyperlocal IP Targeting to Deliver Online Content and Ads Closer to Home

ATLANTA – (July 28, 2009) – – Digital Element, the leading provider of IP Intelligence technology, today introduced the next generation of IP targeting with the launch of NetAcuity Edge™, a hyperlocal data set that allows online marketers to accurately target content and messages with more precision and granularity.

“When Digital Element started 10 years ago, IP targeting at a country level was originally sufficient for most customers’ needs, and since then it’s been a series of progressions,” said Rob Friedman, Executive Vice President, Digital Element. “Now that Internet usage has matured, customers are demanding better accuracy with higher granularity—in other words hyperlocal targeting—to enable better targeting of messages and the delivery of more relevant information to users.”

NetAcuity Edge offers the only validated, user-originated geographic data down to a postal code level and represents a revolutionary approach to IP targeting.

While most companies in the IP targeting space rely on traditional routing infrastructure analysis, NetAcuity Edge uses an “outside in” approach by collecting data from the edge of the Internet (pseudonymized data gathered from interactions with users) to map IP addresses. Validated using Digital Element’s proprietary analysis methodology, the data produced is highly accurate and the most granular on the market, but still maintains the traditional user anonymity of IP targeting.

Digital Element’s approach leverages its 10 years of engineering experience in the IP Intelligence space and vast partner network, including a “Who’s Who” of customers, to produce the best available data. “With NetAcuity Edge, we are offering the most accurate postal-code-level database on the market,” Friedman said.

NetAcuity Edge Partner Program

The breadth and depth of the data produced by NetAcuity Edge comes from Digital Element partners that conduct a large number of online interactions whereby users supply some type of location information. Information collected includes a truncated IP address (TIP) along with a postal code or city/town associated with that TIP™, gathered from user interactions.  This information is then “scrubbed” for accuracy and extrapolated using Digital Element’s proprietary methodologies.  Digital Element only collects data in accordance with customer privacy policies and will not collect personally identifiable information.

The NetAcuity Edge Partner Program is open to existing Digital Element customers, as well as to new clients and prospects, globally.  For more information, contact Digital Element.

About Digital Element

Founded in 1999, Digital Element is the industry pioneer of IP Intelligence, a non-invasive, privacy-sensitive technology that automatically uncovers geographic information, connection speed, domain name, ISP, language and other characteristics about online users based solely on their IP addresses. This knowledge enables online businesses to customize content for more accurate and profitable online interactions, making it ideal for targeted advertising, content localization, geographic rights management, local search and enhanced analytics. Digital Element’s patented IP Intelligence solution with its exceedingly accurate geolocation capabilities is used by industry-leading advertising networks, web publishers, search engines, social networks, e-tailers, and analytics platforms around the world to revolutionize the way people experience the Internet.

Digital Element is a business unit of Digital Envoy, part of the Landmark Interactive division of Landmark Communications. For more information about Digital Element, visit

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