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Digital Element Helps [x + 1] Uncover Actionable Audience Segments in Real Time


[x+1] specializes in delivering real-time, audience-based, predictive marketing technology and services that help advertisers and marketers reach their prospects and customers more effectively online. By delivering the right offer at the right time to audiences across all online channels, [x+1] helps their list of impressive clients – including BMW, America Online, and H&R Block to name a few – dramatically improve the profitability of their online marketing investments.

Seeking to deliver the most coherent, relevant and valuable online experience to the consumer and understanding that in the online world a visitor’s history can be a good indicator of future behavior, [x+1] needed to collect anonymous consumer data in order to automatically uncover actionable segments of consumers in real-time. Collectively, this unique data set can be used to learn key patterns that drive response and marketers can then improve ad performance and overall results.


Using information from the people they knew a lot about – their clients’ customers – [x+1] wanted to make general assumptions about prospects using pseudonymized data, also known as the “birds of a feather flock together” approach. The accuracy of the pseudonymized data is critical, so selecting an IP Intelligence provider with exceptional depth and accuracy was key. With the right information, [x+1]’s clients could start treating the anonymous visitors as if they know a lot about them and could result in some real gains.

After evaluating numerous vendors, [x+1] tapped Digital Element, the leading provider of IP Intelligence solutions. The company chose Digital Element’s NetAcuity® technology for the accuracy of the data and the simplicity of integration, which allowed [x+1] to maintain a focus on developing its core business. “It is important for [x+1] to have a high level of confidence in the IP data as a foundation for our behavior-based audience segments, and our customers are clearly benefiting from the targeting accuracy they provide,” said Ted Shergalis, Chief Product Officer for [x+1].

By adding Digital Element’s demographic and geographic IP Intelligence technology to the company’s Progressive Optimization Engine – [x+1]’s best-in-class analytic platform that is the “brains” behind the company’s product suite – and through the use of non-linear programming and a variety of other mathematical modeling techniques, [x+1]’s clients could begin to profile end-users and anonymously track their online responsiveness, as well as identify patterns between the profiles and their response activity to determine the best offer to display.


The addition of Digital Element’s IP Intelligence technology helped [x+1] look at far more viewer data in real-time to more precisely predict where the viewer is in the decision funnel, thus allowing [x+1] to customize the messaging and show the ideal combination of branding versus direct messaging. In a campaign for a prominent luxury automotive manufacturer and retailer seeking to drive luxury automotive buyers to dealer websites, generate inquires that lead to a request for information or test drives, and display relevant ads to viewers in over thirty markets, [x+1] – with the help of Digital Element’s IP Intelligence – was able to identify the ZIP code or local market of every ad viewer to generate ads that dynamically incorporated local dealer branding and encourage a clear call to action directing the user to take a test drive. The six month campaign generated more than 42,000 click-throughs, led to approximately 5,000 people who scheduled test-drives, requested sales information, conducted inventory searches, or used the dealer configurator. In addition, over seven percent of post-click actions led to sales inquiries.

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