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Atlas DMT

Atlas DMT success story

Atlas DMT Adds New Levels of Intelligence To Its Ad-Serving Solution With Digital Element’s IP Intelligence Technology


Atlas DMT provides ad agencies and media groups with technology and services to execute and analyze digital marketing campaigns. In particular, the company’s online advertising technology consists of integrated media planning and buying tools, third-party ad serving resources, as well as data analysis and optimization capabilities. As part of this technology offering, Atlas DMT wanted to provide its clients with advanced targeting tools and decided to add geotargeting capabilities to its already impressive arsenal of ad-campaign enhancements.


Atlas DMT turned to Digital Element, a business unit of Digital Envoy, the market leader in IP Intelligence technology. With the addition of Digital Element’s NetAcuity® technology, Atlas DMT hit the mark as far as what it was looking for: a highly accurate, reliable and easily deployable solution for geotargeting that would allow customers to improve the effectiveness of their online campaigns by offering highly relevant, geographically targeted content to their online audiences.

“Digital Element’s geotargeting data adds a new level of intelligence to the broadcast nature of ad serving,” said Karl Siebrecht, vice president of strategy and product management for Atlas DMT, an operating unit of a Quantive, Inc. (NASDAQ: AQNT). “It enables our clients to personalize and differentiate their messages to prospective customers, giving them greater return on investment for their advertising dollars.”


Many of Atlas DMT’s customers have recognized the value of offering geo-targeted advertising to their online audiences. For example, several of the company’s large clients have already run numerous media plans using Digital Element’s IP Intelligence technology in the past year, and report that they have been able to identify valuable customer segments and send tailored messages to each audience. These targeted messages have increased the response and conversion rates of the segments. Another benefit is that better decisions can be made about serving rich media ads through the connection speed data provided by Digital Element’s solution, greatly improving the end user experience.

Atlas DMT counts Digital Element’s technology as one of tools that has allowed the company to be hailed as “the most respected ad serving system in existence today” by Masha Geller, former editor of MediaPost.

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