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advertisingcom-left Harnesses the Power of Digital Element’s NetAcuity® to Serve Geotargeted Ads and Deliver Increased Revenue

Scenario is a leading provider of performance-based interactive marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers and operates one the industry’s largest web networks. Early on, it recognized a huge demand from its customers – including colleges and universities, community banks, local newspapers, ISP’s, retailers, city and state-level Web sites, local, and regional telecoms, etc. – for the ability to monitor, target and restrict content according to specific geographic and demographics in order to increase the reach, response, and effectiveness of their advertisers’ online campaigns.


Digital Element’s market-leading NetAcuity® geotargeting technology enabled to reach their clients’ target markets while maintaining the current customer base and achieving significant acquisition of qualified new customers.

“Once we recognized the demand from our customers and saw the value that geotargeting could bring to our offering, we set about finding the best solution available,” said Scott Ferber, Co-Founder of “Luckily, we didn’t have to look far. Digital Element clearly had the strongest offering on the market and brought the most value to our business. We have been a satisfied client and partner ever since.”’s clients have shown great interest in NetAcuity, namely because they directly benefit from geotargeting.’s clients are eager to acknowledge the value and benefits of this technology.

Many clients have also recognized that geotargeting is particularly useful for international ad-serving. NetAcuity provides the ability to differentiate between U.S. and non-U.S. users allowing to analyze and evaluate data in real-time to make efficient ad-serving decisions worldwide. As a result, manages the effectiveness of campaigns, maximizing the return on investment for clients.


As Digital Element’s first customer, solidified the first mover advantage with the most accurate and wide-reaching geotargeting technology available. Digital Element has been a valuable partner in increasing’s market share, reducing wasted impressions and helping to deliver a more efficient and profitable service. The ability to sell local advertising helped to generate a total annual return on investment exceeding 700% in the first year it was employed.

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