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Goodway Group Edges Ahead of the Pack with Digital Element’s Hyperlocal Geotargeting Solution

New Capabilities Decrease Effective Costs Per Action by More Than 10 Percent

ATLANTA – (September 7, 2010) – Digital Element, the leader in IP Intelligence and geolocation solutions, today announced that Goodway Group, a third-generation, 80-year-old marketing services company that owns and operates three ad networks, has integrated NetAcuity Edge’s ZIP code data within its ad servers to offer deeper and more accurate IP-based targeting to its clients.

Operating the Beep! Automotive, SWAY Political and IvyPixel ad networks, Goodway Group has been a partner to agencies and clients on thousands of online campaigns. With more than 90 percent of these campaigns geotargeted for automotive, political, and local businesses, the company wanted a way to deliver granularity beyond traditional IP-based geo-targeting.

“Goodway Group has been looking for geo-targeting capabilities beyond standard IP-based offerings for the last two years,” said Jay Friedman, COO, Goodway Group. “We were very familiar with Digital Element, but upon learning of the NetAcuity Edge ZIP-code-level targeting capabilities we immediately launched into testing its accuracy and ability to drive incremental performance —and it did. Our Effective Costs Per Actions, or eCPAs, have improved on many campaigns. Furthermore, click-through rates have risen, and while they aren’t our main objective, clients do still appreciate the increase.”

Specifically, Goodway Group has seen several benefits since implementing NetAcuity Edge:

  • Within its Direct to Dealer Link product, or DDL™, when users click on banners, they are routed to the web page of the closest dealer or retail location, be it an automotive dealership, hospital, bank, etc. Goodway Group is able to further refine its user-client mapping by showing locations in a tighter geographic area.
  • The same holds true for ads served within its SWAY Political ad network, for example, with political campaigns. Congressional districts typically do not follow along DMA lines, so knowing a user’s ZIP code ensures candidates that they are targeting the right constituents; thus eliminating needlessly wasted impressions.

Digital Element leverages its 10 years of engineering experience in the IP Intelligence space and vast partner network to create its NetAcuity Edge data set, the only validated, user-originated geographic data down to a ZIP and postal code level. While most companies in the IP targeting space rely solely on traditional routing infrastructure analysis, NetAcuity Edge uses an “outside in” approach by collecting data from the edge of the Internet (pseudonymized data gathered from interactions with users) to map IP addresses, which are then validated using Digital Element’s proprietary analysis methodologies.

“Goodway Group’s success demonstrates the important advantages that online advertisers and marketers get through using our technology,” said Rob Friedman, Executive Vice President, Digital Element. “The cross-industry applications are endless when you consider how the offline world conducts business based on geographic location. Reliable ZIP code level data most certainly brings another dimension to online targeting and puts companies such as Goodway Group, and its clients, ahead of the competition.”

About Digital Element

Founded in 1999, Digital Element is the industry pioneer of IP Intelligence, a non-invasive, privacy-sensitive technology that automatically uncovers geographic information, connection speed, domain name, ISP, language and other characteristics about online users based solely on their IP addresses. This knowledge enables online businesses to customize content for more accurate and profitable online interactions, making it ideal for targeted advertising, content localization, geographic rights management, local search and enhanced analytics. Digital Element’s patented IP Intelligence solution with its exceedingly accurate geolocation capabilities is used by industry-leading advertising networks, web publishers, search engines, social networks, e-tailers, analytics platforms, and online enterprises around the world to revolutionize the way people experience the Internet.

Digital Element is a business unit of Digital Envoy, part of Landmark Interactive, a Landmark Media Enterprises Company. For more information about Digital Element, visit

About Goodway Group

Goodway Group is a third-generation, family-owned company which operates and owns three ad networks, Beep! Automotive, IvyPixel, and SWAY – the political network. Backed by more than 30 years of local retail marketing, Goodway underwent a complete transformation in 2006 to bring its expertise to the digital media and ad network space. Since then, Goodway has created an on-demand inventory infrastructure for agencies that now gives them the ability to target the right audience on the right sites at the right time. The company is headquartered in Jenkintown, PA, right outside of Philadelphia, with offices and great talent also located in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and St. Louis. For more information,

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