Digital Element Helps Silence Media with New Level of Postcode Targeting Accuracy

NetAcuity Edge Solution Provides IP Geolocation Database To Verify Performance-based Digital Advertising Results 

LONDON – (17 July 2012) – Digital Element, the leading provider of IP geolocation and IP Intelligence technology, today announced thatSilence Media, a U.K. performance-based digital advertising network, has selected its NetAcuity® EdgeTM solution to accurately verify that network publishers are serving online video ads in targeted countries and regions.

“Because we only pay for engagements that are verified, it is extremely important that we know that publishers in our network are serving our online video ads in the countries and regions we ask them to,” said Lee Henshaw, founder and Managing Director, Silence Media. “We were staggered by the accuracy of Digital Element’s hyperlocal IP location database. NetAcuity Edge definitely gives us a competitive advantage over other networks that are not verifying on location.”

Silence Media previously tested free databases within its verification process and found them unreliable in terms of accurately identifying consumers’ locations when they were engaging with one of its online ads. Diligent research and testing conducted by Silence Media found Digital Element’s IP geolocation technology to be the most accurate and reliable for its needs.

Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge technology has revolutionised the IP geolocation space by providing the only validated IP-to-postcode geographic data on the market. While IP targeting techniques traditionally rely on routing infrastructure analysis to an approximate city-level location, NetAcuity Edge combines this traditional approach with anonymous insight gleaned from a network of global commercial partners to better map the Internet. The result is the most accurate, and granular, hyperlocal dataset available worldwide today that maintains user anonymity and complies with the highest standards of end-user privacy.

“We are already seeing many online advertising networks moving towards more performance-based models, which means that the media agencies they work with are demanding more real-time reporting to verify where publishers are actually serving inventory,” said Kate Owen, Managing Director, Europe, Digital Element. “Digital advertising innovators, such as Silence Media, are recognising how important geolocation data accuracy is in allowing them to confidently report reliable results for specific campaigns in specific regions.”

Before publishers can join its network, Silence Media requires them to pass a geotargeting test by first serving ads in the United Kingdom, then within one of the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) regions. According to Henshaw, “Unfortunately, most smaller publishers, those in the long tail of publishing, if you will, cannot pass the test.”

About Digital Element

Digital Element delivers the de facto standard in IP Intelligence, providing coverage for 99.9999 percent of the Internet. Digital Element’s patented technology combines Internet routing infrastructure analysis with hundreds of millions of partner-derived online end-points, resulting in the most accurate IP geolocation data available today. Most of the world’s largest networks, websites, video portals and social networks deploy Digital Element’s IP technology to target advertising, localise content and video streaming, manage geographic rights and enhance analytics. As an industry pioneer, Digital Element has long been a technical leader in evolving non-invasive IP Intelligence technology and offers many IP datasets including Country/Region/City/Postcode Geography, Connection Speed, Mobile, Domain Name, ISP, Company Name, Industry, Home/Business, Language and Proxy information.

For more information on how to uncover new levels of insight about online users, please visit Digital Element is a business unit of Digital Envoy.

About Silence Media

Based in London’s Silicon Roundabout, Silence Media is a performance-based digital advertising network. Working for media agencies, Silence Media runs campaigns for advertisers in the entertainment industry and for brands. Its clients only pay when customers engage with their ads. When clients buy engagements across its network of premium websites, Silence Media includes the creative strategy (design and build), ad serving and the media planning, buying and optimisation. Silence Media works with multiple formats, offers an open site list and reports by publisher. Silence Media targets by postcode and uses an engagement mapper to report where people are engaging with ads.

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