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Digital Element Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Geolocation and IP Intelligence Solutions Have Delivered The “Power of Where” for Internet’s Who’s Who

ATLANTA – March 20, 2014 – It is Digital Element’s birthday! The Atlanta-based technology company that pioneered and evolved the geolocation and IP Intelligence space is marking 15 years of successfully providing solutions for many of the world’s largest websites, brands, publishers, ad networks, and social media platforms.

Digital Element first introduced its NetAcuity® technology, which allows users to be geographically targeted by IP address, to the online market in 1999 and has driven its evolution ever since. Initially focused on solutions for online advertising, the company quickly brought to market much-needed applications for localized content, enhanced analytics and digital rights management as well as fraud detection and prevention. Since 1999, Digital Element’s has realized 15 consecutive years of double digit growth.

“Over the last decade and a half, we’ve seen many technology companies come and go so I’m very proud of the way everyone behind Digital Element has worked to innovate and grow our solutions for the online marketplace as it continues to change at the speed of light,” said Rob Friedman, executive vice president, Digital Element. “The fact that we’re performing trillions of look-ups a month attests to the fact that we continue to help increase profitability for businesses and help our clients add new forms of revenue to their online endeavors.

“As a pioneer in the IP Intelligence space, I’m pleased to see that geolocation is now a ‘must have’ feature for the entire Internet advertising space and nearly all other online businesses. I’m excited to see what the next 15 years bring.”

Digital Element’s data is used by many of the Internet’s “Who’s Who,” among them Microsoft, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, Virgin Media, CNN, ESPN, Sony, CBS Interactive, ABC, Google Doubleclick, Turn, MediaMath, AOL, and hundreds more.

More than a Decade of Corporate Milestones

Significant corporate milestones that have contributed to Digital Element’s success include:

1999: First introduced NetAcuity and pioneered the “geo-intelligence” or “geo-location” space

2002: Named Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum (and in 2003)

2004:  Issued patent for technology based on identifying location of Internet users to the city level utilizing IP addresses

2005:  Parent company Digital Envoy creates two business units: Digital Element and Digital Resolve

2007:  Acquired by Landmark Communications, Inc.

2008:  Keynote Assessment provided third-party validation for accuracy of location data and collection methods

2009: Introduced NetAcuity Edge, the first validated, global, partner-contributed geographic ZIP code and postcode level data

2010:  Opened first European office in London and expanded international sales team

2011:  Introduced IPv6 geographic database to address accessibility issues

2012:  Launched NetAcuity Developer’s Edition for evaluation, small deployments and developmental purposes

2013:  Received accreditation for the geographic location identifications reported by its NetAcuity platform from the Media Rating Council (MRC).

2013:  Issued patent for hyperlocal geolocation technology

Companies around the world are deploying Digital Element’s solutions across a number of industries including publishing and advertising; retail; gaming and gambling; hospitality and travel; financial services; consumer brands; technology and software; and government.

About Digital Element

Since 1999, Digital Element has been providing global geolocation solutions that bring anytime, anywhere relevance and context to online initiatives―from desktops to mobile devices. The company’s patented technology has been certified and accredited to deliver real-time access to accurate and reliable location intelligence without invading Internet users’ privacy. For more than a decade, many of the world’s largest websites, brands, publishers, ad networks, and social media platforms have trusted Digital Element’s technology to target advertising, localize content, enhance analytics, and manage content rights as well as detect and prevent fraud. Visit for more information on how to bring the offline power of location to the online world. Headquartered in Atlanta, Digital Element is a division of Digital Envoy Inc.

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