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Digital Element Adds Deterministic IP Address Metadata to Nodify Product: A Breakthrough for Cybersecurity Strategies

New IP Characteristics database harnesses IP address metadata, brings contextual IP address data to supercharge insights, and enables greater protection against the challenge of location obfuscation and identity masking

Atlanta, GA – November 14, 2023 –  Digital Element, the global IP geolocation and audience insights leader, today announced the groundbreaking addition of a proprietary IP Characteristics (IPC) database to its Nodify threat intelligence platform. This cutting-edge technology provides data analysts with an unprecedented level of contextual understanding around IP addresses, allowing them to leverage historic observations including, location, persistence, range and activity, to determine the relative security risk associated with an IP address.  These insights offer a new level of intelligence to empower organizations to make informed decisions in areas crucial to cybersecurity, such as fraud detection and threat mitigation.

Traditionally, IPs have been susceptible to masquerading as hubs for malicious activities, making them challenging to identify. According to data from Digital Element’s platform, the use of residential proxies has increased by 66% in the past six months, highlighting a growing and troubling trend.

With Nodify analysts and cybersecurity teams are armed with insights to understand what IP addresses are linked to VPNs or Proxies, but given the dynamic nature of IP addresses, not all nefarious associations can be identified in real-time. With the addition of the IPC database, Digital Element is able to identify IP addresses that have not been associated with a VPN or proxy network, but display anomalous characteristics that provide context to demonstrate its potential to be associated with nefarious activity. 

“The massive increase in the use of VPNs and residential proxy networks has shifted the cybersecurity landscape tremendously,” said Vinod Kashyap, Chief Product Officer, Digital Envoy,  parent company of Digital Element. “With the introduction of IP Characteristics, we are arming businesses with the tools needed to proactively identify and combat suspicious behavior, revolutionizing the way we approach cybersecurity.”

Digital Element is able to provide an unparalleled level of contextual detail by analyzing several key metadata characteristics of IP addresses:

  • Activity – The number of devices that have been connected to an IP address
  • Location -The number of locations an IP address has been observed 
  • Range -The range of distances between IP address observations 
  • Persistence -The length an IP address has been in the same location 

The IPC database augments Digital Element’s Nodify threat intelligence, an innovative IP data analytics tool, offering a solution for businesses seeking to protect digital infrastructure, enforce digital rights management strategies, and reduce fraud by leveraging data to inform risk analysis and response.

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About Digital Element

Digital Element is the global IP geolocation and intelligence leader. In business for more than two decades, the company has unrivaled expertise in leveraging IP address insights to deliver new value to companies in a privacy-sensitive, transparent manner. Leveraged by the world’s most recognized brands, Digital Element provides clients with innovative solutions designed to optimize engagement across industries and applications, creating unique value at every consumer touchpoint. Many of the world’s largest websites, brands, security companies, ad networks, social media platforms and mobile publishers have trusted Digital Element’s technology to target advertising, localize content, enhance analytics, and manage content rights as well as detect and prevent online fraud.

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Headquartered in Atlanta and London, Digital Element is a division of Digital Envoy, Inc.

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