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The Geolocation Barometer at ad:tech New York 2015

As always, the time we spend at ad:tech New York proves invaluable in terms of hearing about the latest challenges advertisers face in an ever-changing business landscape that is becoming increasingly driven by devices, data and (consumer) demand. Our team looks forward to exchanging ideas about how geolocation can help solve many of the very […]

Happy Birthday to Us

It’s Digital Element’s birthday! We’re celebrating 15 years of successfully providing solutions for many of the world’s largest websites, brands, publishers, ad networks and social media platforms. That’s more than a decade of delivering the “Power of Where” for the Internet’s Who’s Who. During the years, we’ve seen many technology companies come and go so […]

Get a Front Row Seat for the Social-Mobile-Local Fireworks

Amid the Fourth-of-July ceremonies, parades, barbecues, picnics and fireworks commemorating our independence, I always like to take this time to also celebrate the freedom the Internet has given us. We can research just about any topic we might need, shop in a store halfway around the world, watch videos on demand, and conduct business on […]

Recap of IRCE: It’s All About Shopability

The energy at IRCE this year was amazing. We had great conversations every day with retailers about how they can leverage IP geolocation technology to enhance their online-and offline-marketing initiatives. To sum up a key focus area for the coming year in two words…Improve shopability. It’s all about improving the condition of an online store […]

Play Cupid with Geolocation

These days it’s very easy for any single individual, male or female, to capture someone’s affection. Online dating sites have provided a spot-on platform for single males and females to mingle and enter into casual or serious relationships by finding their “perfect” match―on their terms. No more blind dates with that “nice young man down […]

The New Dating Game

I have to admit I’ve been off the market for some time (sorry all you geolocation groupies who keep leaving me your IP address on napkins at trade shows), but it appears that a lot has changed when it comes to dating these days. Unfortunately, I think I’m stuck in the days where you passed […]

Postcode Targeting Moves Across The Pond

A lot of American influences have found their way “across the pond.” But, forget McDonalds, Burger King, and even Starbucks. We’re finally sending our U.K. marketing friends something they can really sink their teeth into. (No pun intended). With European online ad spending expected to experience a projected 6.5 percent increase in 2010, the timing […]

Kicking It Up A Notch: How Do You Combine Taste and Relevance Online?

When it comes to developing a good recipe, taste matters. When it comes to a creating a good online experience, relevance matters. Bet you’re asking yourself by now just how you go about combining taste and relevance online? Well, to paraphrase Emeril Lagasse: Mix in a little geo-targeting and…BAM!!—you’ve just kicked your site up a […]

Socially Unacceptable: Force Feeding Ads on Social Networks

Social networks have some of the lowest advertising response rates on the Web. Why, you may ask, since this medium has been anointed as the next Big Thing in advertising? Many say that people who hang out on MySpace, Facebook and other social networking sites pay too little attention to ads because they’re more interested […]

Welcome to My World…..

OK, not really “my world” per se…but the world of IP intelligence (for those who know me, that should come as a huge relief). No, this is not some god-given knowledge that I was born with. However, I do consider myself a pretty smart guy (and, did I mention very good-looking, too? And modest??? But […]

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