How Big Players Use Device Intelligence for Web Optimization and Analytics

April 24, 2017 Today we spend as much as 68 percent of all digital media time using smartphones or tablets which only leaves 32 percent for using desktop computers. Not paying particular attention to mobile visitors is a wasted opportunity at best and a real threat to the business at worst, especially if the closest […]

NetAcuity Receives Continued Accreditation from MRC

February 1, 2017 We’re very excited to announce that our NetAcuity® Standard service has achieved continued accreditation from the Media Rating Council (MRC) for its geographic location identifications. We’re just as proud of this milestone as we were in 2013 to be the first provider of IP geolocation data to gain MRC accreditation. The MRC […]

The Buzz from MobileDevHacker: Gaming, Monetization and Big Data

The MobileDevHacker event recently held in Boston brought together a who’s who of industry experts to discuss the latest challenges and future opportunities in mobile app development. During the two-day event, the biggest buzz being generated was around mobile app monetization, competitive gaming and―not a surprise―Big Data. Digital Element was honored to share the stage […]

What GPS Coordinates from Mobile Devices Really Mean to Marketers

When mobile users opt in to location-based services (in app) or share their locations (via the mobile web), the GPS-generated latitude/longitude coordinates are the only pieces of information returned. If you’re like most marketers, then getting data along the lines of Lat: 34° 6′ 6.2166” and Long: -84° 21′ 31.4568″ doesn’t hold much meaning unless […]

Why Location Matters to Online B2B Lead Management

On average, less than 5 percent of website visits lead to conversions. That amounts to a tremendous number of lost sales opportunities. However, APSIS ProspectEye AB has developed an automated lead-management solution that monitors web traffic to provide detailed insight into visitor behavior. This is used to help B2B companies better understand the specific products […]

Hit it Out of the Park with In-Stadium Wi-Fi Targeting

Welcome to the new American pastime: Baseball, hot dogs and…Wi-Fi. The instantly recognizable “Wi-Fi Here” sign is turning up everywhere these days. Once relegated to upscale coffee shop windows, the symbol can be found in a multitude of public venues, from malls and hotels to airports and now sports stadiums. As an example, by the […]

Learn What It Takes to Be IP Smart

It’s April Fool’s Day. But, we’re turning the tables on dumb ideas with the kick-off of our fun and humorous #BeIPSmart video campaign. Let’s face it. We’ve all seen some dumb ideas and have probably had a few of our own (much as we’d hate to admit it). But, we want to right the ship […]

IP Geolocation Myth Busting Part 2: Latest Video Continues its Fact-Finding Mission

We continue to take online marketers and advertisers on a fact-finding mission with Part II of our discussion that dispels the mystery surrounding IP geolocation technology. In this installment of our online video series “On Target,” we debunk the remaining four IP geolocation myths: It’s impossible to get accurate geolocation information since IP addresses are […]

True or False? New Video Discusses IP Geolocation Myths

You can probably remember playing the true-false game at least one time when you were younger. Now that we’re all grown up, many of us are still playing that same game in our daily business lives – especially when it comes to technology. Let’s face it. There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors out there. […]

Need a 40-Percent Lift in Your Online Marketing Dollars?

Marketers are forever looking for better insight into the return on investment they can get through their online endeavors. Effective online marketing has always been about increasing awareness, enhancing favorability, spurring some type of action or purchase intent in order to drive conversions. After more than a decade of analyzing our customers’ results with IP […]

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