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Direct Navigation Advertising Gets Boost from Accurate Geotargeting

With an estimated market size of $1 billion per year, direct navigation traffic has a 4.23 percent conversion-to-sale rate which significantly outperforms other traffic sources such as search engines (2.30 percent) and Internet links (0.96 percent). Direct navigation is the preferred way for users to locate a site for the first time which makes this traffic […]

Fore! TeeOff.com to Deliver Course Recommendations Based on Golfers’ Locations

When the weather turns warmer and the days grow longer, golfers have one thing on their minds: Get out on the course as soon as possible. EZLinks Golf Inc., a pioneer in online reservations and tee time services, is making it easier and quicker for players around the world to schedule a round of golf […]

Travel Agency Despegar.com Customizes Online Trip Planning By User Location

Despegar.com, the largest online travel agency in Latin America, wanted to understand-in detail-its web users’ locations to be able to offer them the best online experience, while also providing them travel search results according to their expectations. “The user’s experience in every interaction with the site is a priority,” said Cristian Martinez, product owner at […]

Six Uses for IP Targeting This Thanksgiving

In the last several years, retailers have really come to understand the value that IP targeting technology can bring to their digital marketing initiatives. Of course, I’ve only been preaching about the benefit of IP-based geotargeting for more than 13 years now, but I’m a patient guy (even though, in 1999, I was probably just […]

Get a Front Row Seat for the Social-Mobile-Local Fireworks

Amid the Fourth-of-July ceremonies, parades, barbecues, picnics and fireworks commemorating our independence, I always like to take this time to also celebrate the freedom the Internet has given us. We can research just about any topic we might need, shop in a store halfway around the world, watch videos on demand, and conduct business on […]

Election Ramblings

With all this talk about the elections in the U.S., as we go state by state through the primary season, I’ve been thinking lately about the value of IP intelligence in political campaigns.   Every candidate seems to tailor his or her message to the different demographics and political realities in the audience as he or […]

Welcome to My World…..

OK, not really “my world” per se…but the world of IP intelligence (for those who know me, that should come as a huge relief). No, this is not some god-given knowledge that I was born with. However, I do consider myself a pretty smart guy (and, did I mention very good-looking, too? And modest??? But […]

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