NetAcuity Pulse Is Available Now: IP Geotargeting Built for Today’s Online Traffic


Introduced to the world in November, NetAcuity PulseTM, the industry’s first mobile-centric, IP-targeting database, is now available for purchase to marketers who want to reach online users on a whole new level.

NetAcuity Pulse is revolutionizing IP targeting by effectively reaching more of today’s online traffic─which is made up of both connected AND mobile users. The solution, part of the industry-leading NetAcuity® platform of products, leverages a “living network” of IP location information derived from mobile devices and billions of real-time data signals and Wi-Fi connection points.

This approach to IP-based targeting, which utilizes insights gleaned from mobile traffic, offers more “seen” IP geographic locations worldwide than any other solution. You can get a glimpse of the value this solution brings through this real coverage example. With NetAcuity EdgeTM, using partner-supplied data on IP traffic, 2,400 postcodes were returned in Japan. With Pulse, using the new mobile device and Wi-Fi input, 96,000 postcodes were “seen” in Japan.

With that being said, the quantities of responses will grow quickly and exponentially as the number of Wi-Fi hotspots continues to increase. During the next four years, global hotspot numbers will grow to more than 340 million, the equivalent of one Wi-Fi hotspot for every 20 people on earth, research finds.

The more precise targeting provided by Pulse is based on where a user is located and connected at a specific point in time, regardless of device. Data can include whether the user is in fact coming through a Wi-Fi connection point, the user’s point-in-time geographic location, and whether someone is on a home or business hotspot.

Start 2015 out right with a location-based targeting solution that more accurately reaches today’s consumers where and when they’re online.

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