Geo-signals and Their Role in Mobile Behavior

Ad innovators such as InMobi are looking for ways to build a deeper understanding of consumers based on their mobile behaviors. And, geo-signals are one of the most valuable pieces of consumer intelligence generated by mobile devices.

With that in mind, InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile advertising platform, has added hyperlocal IP geolocation technology to accurately and non-invasively identify users’ geographic locations down to a postcode level. In partnering with Digital Element, InMobi enhances its existing latitude, longitude and geofencing capabilities to include its growing number of Wi-Fi users.

According to Anne Frisbie, vice president, Global Alliances, InMobi, “Use of consumer geo-intelligence is critical for delivering best-in-breed mobile marketing for brands and agencies.”

Get more information here on how InMobi is improving targeted mobile ad delivery with IP geolocation.

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