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C-Suite Needs More Education When it Comes to Location Data

Oct. 20, 2017

A recent “State of Location Intelligence” study showed C-level execs understand the value of location data to their companies, but perceive a number of challenges to implementing―as many are looking to invest in location intelligence in the coming years.

As pioneers of IP Intelligence and geolocation technology, we come across this constantly as we meet with C-level executives around the world. While IP geolocation technology has been around for nearly two decades and is widely used across the globe in a variety of applications, there is still a certain aura of mystery around exactly what this technology is and what it can do. Further, many companies have had negative experiences with IP data providers whose data did not live up to expectations and have, therefore, become disillusioned with the technology’s business potential.

We, too, find “a gap in the understanding of location data’s value, the practical applications, and challenges to adoption between executive management and data practitioners.” However, as we continue to educate the marketplace and share proven success stories from our clients, we find that gap closing.

So, let us address some of their top perceived challenges here:

  • 47 percent said that ensuring data quality and accuracy was a challenge they faced when collecting location data.What C-level Execs Should Know
    Digital Element’s NetAcuity solutions have the most accurate data in the industry. Global accuracy is more than 99.9 percent at the country level and is up to 97 percent accurate at a city level. Additionally, we have received accreditation from the Media Rating Council (MRC) for the geographic location identifications reported by its NetAcuity platform.
  • 38 percent are concerned with identifying data sources and gathering information in real time.What C-level Execs Should Know
    Digital Element delivers the most accurate and granular data available because our team of engineers and analysts leverages multiple data sources and patented techniques. Our partner data is verified in house to ensure reliability. Digital Element processes hundreds of billions of IP geolocation lookups per day for its clients, which include the world’s largest websites, brands, ad networks, social media platforms, retailers and more.
  • 34 percent state challenges with navigating privacy issues.What C-level Execs Should Know
    Digital Element’s technology is based solely upon network infrastructure analysis of ISP nodes and is not derived from user interactions―no personally identifiable information (PII) is ever collected or stored. The location of these ISP nodes are used as a “proxy” for actual IP address locations and are generally able to isolate location to a 3-5 mile radius of end-users, or approximately 1,000-2,000 households. With core technology purely based on analyzing network infrastructure, Digital Element does not ever monitor individuals’ web behavior; install cookies on users’ machines; or collect or store PII such as name or address.

As the industry leader in the IP Intelligence and geolocation space, we relish our position to educate the marketplace and dispel any misperceptions that exist. It’s always amazing to see how many executives truly believe how much location data can help their businesses once we have those conversations. And, it’s encouraging to see the study show that eight in 10 C-suite execs understand how important this type of data will be during the next three years.


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