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IP Geolocation for Publishers & Advertisers

Improve Reach, Relevance and Response with IP Intelligence Data

Digital Element’s globally recognized IP geolocation and IP Intelligence data allows online publishers, advertisers and marketers to accurately and non-invasively leverage user location and other IP-based data attributes, such as connection type, domain or mobile/WiFi, to target ads and content with pinpoint precision.

Whether you’re a publisher looking to better target users with geolocated content; an ad network looking to capitalize on industry-standard IP location targeting; or a marketer wanting to refine campaigns based on IP Intelligence data points, Digital Element’s technology will allow you to deliver more meaningful and engaging content and ads to different audience segments – when, where and how the user wants it.

IP Geolocation Benefits:

  • Increase upsell by as much as 30 to 40 percent with geotargeted ads
  • Deliver relevant ads to specific audiences, reducing wasted impressions and increasing click-through rates and message reach
  • Upsell the ability to deliver advanced ad targeting such as rich streaming video or mobile formats based on a user’s connection type or device
  • Increase return on investment for geographic advertising by selling targeted local ads
  • Control access to digital content and downloads

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“We evaluated all vendors in the marketplace and found Digital Element’s IP Intelligence solution to be the most accurate.”

Remy Bossu, Secretary General, EMSC